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Now, say you have a high school, and in that high school, an unknown person writes a playbook on how to get girls to sleep with you, and it is SO DETAILED that it works to the point that 50% of the girls in the school get pregnant, the playbook gets found, and millions of copies are sent to millions of students around the country, the result being teen pregnancy rising 100 by the second.

If the school of the original author were to catch the person who wrote the original playbook, would they be allowed to suspend/expel/arrest that person?

or, more realistically, Because I will admit the whole "Pregnancy around the country" was a little bit too much, just around the one school and another local school, pregnant teens increase and the playbook is in suspicion.

If you had the power to, what punishment would you give to the person who wrote the original playbook?

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    It's not so much the person that creates it, but those who use it, that is the problem. We don't blame McDonalds for rising levels of obesity, for example. We blame those who don't have the self control to not buy their fast food. I think the original creator was naive and arrogant for not thinking about the consequences of his actions, but as far as I'm concerned he did nothing really wrong. I would do whatever I could to remove the spreading of the book, but punishing him would seem rather pointless. I would blame the very nature of males and the fact that they are so obsessed with getting girls, and nothing more.

  • "From the KRUD Network - live coverage of the triumphal parade for the writer of "How to Get 100 girls Pregnant in Five Seconds".....

    "Cammera Lenz - Raving Eye Reporter for KRUD...the torchlit parade is turning onto Main Street right now, and close behind the first phalanx of muscular men in tight jeans is the carriage transporting the now famous writer Ivor Biggun, who created the Harry Potter of the school sex trade with his insightful and penetrating views on teen procreation without protection.

    Close behind Ivor is the host of young women he has impregnated - all carrying children and also accompanied by lawyers bent on pursuing Ivor for some percentage of his book earnings for Child Support, something that HIS lawyers - Cagey, Craft and Snakeoil - say will never happen! Ivor's money is all tied up in a web of trusts - a greater and more complex web of trust than any The Great Man has shown to the young ladies in question... We leave you now as the parade comes to a halt in front of the Eternal Flame for The Unknown Missing Father, a site for annual pilgrimage for thousands and even millions from around the world....Cammera Lenz - for the KRUD Network!"....

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    I wouldn't punish them. Unless it was rape those women still CHOSE to have sex. The only thing that book could teach young men is how to make themselves attractive enough towards those women to have sex with them. But it is still the woman's choice to have sex or not. They are not some infant to be coddled and told it isn't their fault when they suffer consequences that come with sex.

    To punish the boy would be an insult to every woman this book worked me it would be like saying: "what's wrong with you. women are too stupid to say no to sex. you should have known better than to teach young men to be the kind of men women want to have sex with. shame on you"

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    Since sex doesn't have to result in pregnancy, then it isn't the author's fault or responsibility if those teens get pregnant.

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    None. Although I'd have to see the playbook's content if it existed.

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    A high five

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