I got a car that needs to be shipped to Hawaii?

So my husband is in the military& wants to get our car shipped to Hawaii where he's stationed at, he didnt get a direct answer when he talked to his ssgt, so he wants me to drop it off at the Dallas PVC, what will they ask me in dropping off the car ima have orders from my husband but is there more that I need?, im new to this so please anyone let me know I also dont have my DI, and ID personal upsetting reasons, all I could save was my military dependant ID. Any suggestions?


When I meant "orders" I meant paperwork that states its his car&shows he's a active duty marine stationed at kbay.

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    I'm not sure if the military has special handling on vehicles, but from the west coast (L.A. or San Diego), it costs about $1,000-$1,500...but I wouldn't think it would be worth it...given the return to the mainland cost, when he's finished in Hawaii...unless he's going to stay. Otherwise, it would be more better to buy a used car over there.

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    You have "orders from my husband" = what a great guy you must be married to.

    I believe it's called the VPC not PVC.

    Here is information on how to relocate your car from the Dallas VPC:


    = there are a lot of paperwork that you need to be able to drop off a car.

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    You will need a copy of his orders (which permit the shipment of a vehicle), a Power of Attorney authorizing you to do it, then you will also need multiple copies of the insurance, registration and if the car is financed a letter from the lender allowing it to be sent (not always necessary but suggested to have).

    If you are also authorized to go to Hawaii as you have sponsorship and he recently reported to the location then they will pay for mileage and travel for you to get there. If not then it is out of pocket.


    Source(s): Done it to and from Hawaii twice
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