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How do you think hexagonals will end?

I think

1. Mexico 27/30 pts

2. USA 20/30 pts

3. Honduras 16/30 pts

4. Panama 11/30 pts

5. Costa Rica 9/30 pts

6. Jamaica 3/30 pts

(Mexicos home games: win all)

(USA home games: win all except loss with mex)

I forshadow revenge for azteca

(Panama home games: {win. Hon, costa rica, jamaica} { tie: USA} {lose: mex} )

(Honduras home games: win {panama, mexico, jamaica} tie: {usa, costa rica}

(Costa rica home games: win {panama, jamaica} tie {honduras} lose { mex, usa}

( jamaica home games: tie {honduras, panama, costa rica} lose {usa, mexico}

Anyone think differently?

Am i pretty close to what you think?

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    8 years ago
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    1. Mexico 25 pts

    2. USA 17 pts

    3. Panama 13 pts

    4. Honduras 11 pts

    5. Costa Rica 10 pts

    6. Jamaica 8 pts

    Mexicos home games: win all

    USA home games: win all

    Panama home games: {win. Costa Rica, Jamaica, Honduras} {tie: USA} {lose: Mexico}

    Honduras home games: {win: USA, Jamaica, Costa Rica,} {tie: Mexico, Panama}

    Costa rica home games: {win: USA, Jamaica, Honduras} {tie: Panama} {lose: Mexico}

    Jamaica home games: {win: Honduras, Costa Rica, } {tie: USA, Panama} {lose: Mexico}

    Estoque has spoken

  • Mexico


    Panama (They're better than Honduras IMO)


    Costa Rica


  • ?
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    8 years ago

    1. Mexico

    2. USA

    3. Panama

    4. Honduras

    5. Jamaican

    6. CostaRica

  • 8 years ago





    costa rica


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  • Ghost
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    8 years ago



    costa rica




  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think you are overlooking Jamaica Enrique. Anyway, my top three are Mexico, USA, and Panama.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Mexico will lose 1

  • I don't know maybe we see some surprises and some let downs

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