So confused! Help me please?

Ok, this may be a bit long! Ok, so i like this guy, lets call him Garrett, and i have a best friend, lets call her Macy, and i have another friend well call her Maddy, and this guy i used to like Hayden. Ok, so my friend Macy sat next to me on the bus the other day and looked over at my laptop screen, and it said I <3 Garrett, and when he got on the bus she told him, and he like smiled shyly then walked away. Then Maddy and her cousin came over, and they didn't know i liked Garrett, and they were saying "Ya, we spent the night with his sister, and he named his pillow that he was kissing Lexie (my name)" and i know they spent the night because, well I'm friends with his sister and i asked her if they did. So now I'm like, does he like me? or no? and i always take his laptop and right little love notes on his desktop, and they are still there when i go to right another. and he doesn't let anyone TOUCH his laptop, I really like him, and I'm confused if he likes me, even though, he was grumpy and mean today, and please be nice, thank you. GB

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  • 8 years ago
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    I have been out of highschool or four years in my experience its best to be subtle if he likes you would show it and what if he is to shy than you should make the first attempt there are only two answer you can get rejection or agreement the rejection will suck and I hate when ppl tell me to get over it but at least you will know the truth and it can either hurt you or help you move on but one thing for sure if he is a good guy and friend he will be understandable and nice about the whole thing but your just tottering yourself by thinking about all the little things you should find out for sure

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