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Christians, if we evolved from Adam and Eve than why do we have a tailbone?

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    The so called Tail bone is at the end of the Spine. Every living creature has a Spine. There has to be an ending of every spine. Some endings are longer and some medium length. In Humans the ending is in the area where most animals have a tail. God Created the Heavens and the Earth and all that dwells within. We are his creation and in likeness of Him. God did not have a tail, so why would He instill a long tail in his likeness ??? You need to know the difference between an Animal and a Human. Animals have lungs, hearts, kidneys and so do we. They are needed to be a living thing. Humans have those organs too. Christians know that all things have these things. Humans don't need long tails. Animals do and we are all Gods Prefect Creations.

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    It's "then," not "than."

    Anyway, the coccyx acts as an anchor for several muscles in your rear end, including anal muscles and muscles that control reproductive organs. It has different anchoring functions in men and women, which is why it's shaped a little bit differently in men than it is in women. The coccyx also helps you sit, acting as the third foot of a tripod made up of it and the ischium bones. When you lean back, weight is transferred from the ischia to the coccyx.

    @ norskeyenta: No, not every living creature has a spine. Animals without backbones are called invertebrates, and there are FAR more species of these than there are of vertebrates. There are several tens of thousands of vertebrate species, but there are literally millions of invertebrate animal species.

    @ Gabby Little Angel: That's because the research was already done for us by doctors who weren't concerned about proving/disproving evolution, but only about assuring that our physiology continues to operate at peak efficiency. Why would creation scientists need to spend money on their own research into the issue when we can just point at medical professionals and say, "See, they said it's not useless, and they're the experts on the tailbone!?"

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    Because Adam and Eve had tailbones. That is why we inherited them. We also inherited our sin nature from Adam. You should really be concerned about this, not tailbones. Tailbones will not send you to hell, but sin will. Receive Jesus as your Savior.

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    First, clear up two illogical statements of yours.

    One, How do you know they are tailbones ?

    Two, How do you know Adam and Eve didn't have them also ?

    And I will rest secure in getting no response. .

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    I do Not have a tail bone!

    If a child is born with two heads, to you believe that has to have happened from genes?

    God did/has made all! Even disabilities to mold some people, to distinguish them.

    Source(s): Bible
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    Sad to say, I can not think of a single Christian resource that has done the research on that. If you want to go ahead and have yours removed, and then you can tell us why you should have kept it...

    It is always good to find a nonbeliever with a good, healthy interest in where they will spend eternity.

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    Don't worry about it unless you are actually growing a tail.

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    I'll up the ante.... if God created Eve from a rib, why are there still ribs?

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    Pretty illogical you know.

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    Scientists named it a tail bone because thats where a tail would be if we were to have one. It doesnt mean we came frim apes.. its a manmake name for a bone.. such a bad argument

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