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Teens: Do you think that YOLO and Swag are 2 words that are overused?

As teens, we have a tendency to have fun with ourselves once in a while. But today in particular, I heard these words a lot. I tried telling some people to stop it, but that actually caused them to say it to me every single time I walked passed them just to annoy me.

Yes, we only live once! But some people use that as an excuse to do immature things, sometimes even illegal. And swag, my God, it is annoying.


I always here it, but today, it got extremely out of hand. Try sitting in a chair trying to learn, while the people behind me keep saying this:

"Joko. Hey Joko! Psst....Joko! JOKO!"

When they get my attention:

"Swag because YOLO man! I got swag, you don't got none! YOLO!"

Very annoying

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    Lol Joko. I think you're a little delayed on this...

    Yes. To answer the question anyway...

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    Oh god, yes. You only live once? No kidding. I saw like 5 kids wearing YOLO and Swag shirts today. Though a few months ago it was used much more, it's still as annoying.

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    You already said a reason why I hate Yolo (to do immature) but it does annoy me when guys are like, "I got so much swag," when their pants are at their knee caps and they listen to rappers like Lil Wayne and Drake... I seriously wish that the words "Yolo" and "Swag," were never even invented...

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    In my state YOLO is not use at all

    Swag is use the most but people her don't say it too much because its getting old

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    Yea haha of course... Its not enough to get pissed off at tho...

    I drive a little fast sometimes, I make dirty jokes, I go mobbin' and have probably been not the nicest to people I don't like but do I say "YOLO" cus of that? No way haha

    And my "swag" happens to just be my clothes, ski stuff and my skis, of course my car... But that's not "swag" its just my stuff hahaha

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    In like August, at the fair, I kept saying YOLO to my sister. I was trying to get her to go on the scary rides..

    She actually got me to go on the scariest ride because she kept saying YOLO. I did it to shut her up, lmao.

    A week later she bought me a YOLO t-shirt..

    I might burn it.

    Anyways.. Yes, they are overused.

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    Not really..there is only one dude in my class that always say Swag. Not many people say YOLO.

  • Well, only the idiots in my Botany class really say them on purpose. The's like it's embedded in their psyche now. Like using word "like" out of context and in the middle of sentences. Like a disease, really, it's creepy.

    To tick other people who use "trendy" words off, I make up my own language (or use ancient descriptors from dictionaries) (or pig latin, that's the funniest) to confuse people.

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    No. The only time I've heard people use the words off-line is when they are making a parody of them.

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