Engine coolant disappearing?

I have a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse and I check under my car's hood at least once a week to make sure everything is working fine. I noticed that it was a little low on coolant so I added some to where it was a little over halfway. A week later the coolant was gone. I thought it was strange so I added some more and checked for leaks with the car on and off, any strange noises, steam, etc. and nothing.

Basically I have had to fill up my coolant every three days and the only thing that I find sorta weird is that smoke comes out of the exhaust in the morning when I turn on my car but it could be because of the cold, cause during the day no smoke comes out.

Any ideas to what it could be? Has this happened to anyone?

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  • Ray
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    8 years ago
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    One of the first signs of a head gasket blowing is slight coolant usage. If you pull your spark plugs, they should all be identical. If one is extra clean looking, that is the cylinder starting to use coolant. Doing a pressure test on the radiator and leaving it on for about an hour at max pressure, then start it up. You'll probably see liquid coming out the tail pipe.

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  • 8 years ago

    Check your carpets to see if they're wet or if your windows fog up when the heater is on, could be a bad heater core. Could also be a blown head gasket, check your oil to see what color it is. If it's still a clear brown you might be O.K. but if it's a milky white you need to shut the car down for repairs immediately (antifreeze will wipe out your bearings).

  • 8 years ago

    it may be a leaking heater matrix INSIDE the car, check under your carpets

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