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How can I convince my mom to let me go to Universal Theme Park with my 2 friends?

I'm turning 18 in less then two months, it's my last year of highschool, I'm going to talk to a military

recruiter in January, and my parents have NEVER EVER let me go out with friends( for example: I was sixteen, I asked my mom to let me go to the movies with my best friend & actually offering that my older sister stay with me the whole time & she freaking got mad at me for even asking.) My dad lets me go to school events, but my mom will question why I want to go when ever I ask her. Now my parents don't live together, so I live with my mom & sister. I really wanna go to Halloween Horror Nights with my two friends & I'm tired of feeling like a jailed person in my own house..thank god for school because without it I'd be pretty crazy right now (Summers suck for me). We plan on going for one night and coming back the next morning. I told my mom and of course she said no because she doesn't want me without my sister (but she has a life and her schedule does not correspond with ours) then she said she doesn't want us driving back home tired. I told her we'll stay over night at a hotel..she frowned said no, told me my sister never went at my age & went to sleep(she doesn't know my sister did that when she was 18 and used me as an excuse to go to Orlando and sneak her bf with us -_- it's unfair & no I will not snitch on my sister). I'm paying for the trip myself. And I feel like telling her I will go no matter what she says. Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, if I knew the people I'm going with are bad and can get me in trouble I wouldn't freaking consider going with them, I'm dead set on joining the AF and wanna leave the second highschool ends the only chance they won't let me in is the medical test and chances of that holding me back are slim cause I'm pretty healthy as far as I know anyways I won't have this chance to spend time with friends after highschool and dammit I wanna go so bad I'm tired of being held hostage. What will my mom do if I'm sent off to a war zone or something? tell me I can't go cause it's dangerous? I could just say "Mom I'm going no matter what you say, I won't be here next year * I won't be here just to wait for Holloween Horror Nights again, I'm gonna have fun & I refuse to keep being stuck home, I wanna start living my life, if I'm old enough to be sent into a (17 year olds are in the military but through waivers)... war zone I'm old enough to go to a theme park 4 hours away, I'm paying for it myself, there's a million reasons I can go and just a handful for you you to give me to keep me

home..Goodbye." but I don't wanna start a fight :/ Any other way to convince her? I've never done this before.

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    Your Mom is a controlling individual; She may have had a difficult past, and does not want the same to happen to you. She needs to let go. You will be 18 soon and she cannot stop you, she probably fears for you. When you turn 18, don't go hog wild to get even. Live your life as you should, do right for others, and always love your Mother. Remember, you will probably have children of your own one day and you will face decisions in the care of your children. Treat others as you would want to be treated; Not as you have been treated. I wish a wonderful future for you.

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    Now not cheap. Speak to her, or print out this page and show her how much you wish to have to head. Every time i am told I cannot do anything, it's regularly due to the fact i don't "care" about it sufficient. Exhibit her you care.

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