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help with ipod 3rd gen touch screen music download?

so i have a ipod and the itunes account is my friends. Now I don't want to have to put money in her account. Is there any apps that i can download that dont have a limit and are free?

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  • 9 years ago
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    if you don't want to pay for it, why not you don't download the musics from your pc and sync it to your ipod?

    but is not recommend that you download it free from web cause most of them are not copyrighted.This is one of my suggestion.

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    4 years ago

    human beings assist you comprehend all countless issues yet I even have not come for the time of any hazards yet..listed under are some "myths" you need to call them that persons say yet have been shown untrue. you are able to brick your ipod-no longer authentic it is often restorable which inserts for dropping your guarantee as properly it is going to void your guarantee yet as quickly as its restored no1 may be the wiser. You cant placed app save apps on there-additionally are able to actual placed them on there as properly because of the fact the cracked ones. you may get any app for unfastened as long as its cracked..almost all of them are difference between tethered and untethered.One is premanent and you will turn the ipod off,different is once you turn it off and swap it lower back on you are able to desire to do some thing interior the jailbreak application lower back for it to paintings lower back. in case you jailbreak and unjailbreak then specific each and all of the apps would be long gone..each and every thing on the ipod would be wiped yet you are able to lower back the apps up employing appsync and then upload them lower back on there. digital mail me in case you have from now on questions

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