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Is Sherlock Holmes of BBC's Sherlock independently wealthy?

I was curious to hear what others thought. He seems to have come from a wealthy background judging by his tastes in clothing and music, his education and his brother's connections in government, yet at the beginning of the series he doesn't even have the money to pay for a flat on his own, even at a discount. We see that he and Mycroft don't get along, so perhaps he refused to take any money from his family because they had a falling out?

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  • 8 years ago
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    i personaly think that the holmes family is wealthy regardless of what version. in the books mycroft has "an estate" in the movies he has "a nice country farm" & in other versions, mycroft always seems to have a nice place & has some sort of goverment work...books included.

    as for the bbc...i personally think that they all have more money than they need but sherlock is 'down-to-earth' & cares more about his 'work' than money. also, mycroft is like a mother hen to him & that seems to annoy him so he has this need to prove himself like 'look at me brother i can do it without the wealth. im etter than you' (yes sherlock in most any version is that arrogant lol)

    also what he said to john...its john who needs money more than sherlock. i personally think that the watson family is well to do as well though NOT nearly half as much as the holmes. john & harry had a bit of a falling out as well so john, like sherlock, is being a stubborn git.

    sherlock simply says 'we need the money for it' for two it would make john feel more comfortable & lets face it...the only two people sherlock ever puts up half an effort for in most any sherlockian story is john & irene...both for entirely different reasons. also, he was probably in need of a little 'not my bro's' kind of money anyway.

    finally i think sherlock is living at 221B for a number of reasons. its an accessible area for his 'work' & he likes mrs hudson (not like that..i mean as a mother/grandmother..since in books & other stories...both parents are dead so he had no one but his brother who he doesnt get along with to some stories he has two brothers sherrinford (which btw was the original choice of ACD before picking 'sherlock') even older than mycroft & enola violet..a little sister younger than sherlock..but parents seem to be dead in almost every one of them). also it keeps him out of mycrofts hair & vice versa.

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  • hugg
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    4 years ago

    Ahhhhh! The historical chestnut. You have written it very well. I've heard versions where Holmes counts off the clues and Watson says the punch line. [Watson has see the obvious at time], in which Holmes says just a few snarky feedback about Watson's intelligence, and even one where Lestrade strolls over, hears them extolling the view, casts his eyes upon the holes left with the aid of the tent pegs, and says, "anybody's nicked your tent, Mr. Holmes."

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  • 8 years ago

    No, I think even though he may not get along with his brother that he is living off his family's wealth.

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