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What are good movies with any of these actors/actresses nick frost Simon Pegg and the actors of American pie?

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    8 years ago
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    Arguably the best thing Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have done is the series-


    There were two short seasons (British seasons are pathetic compared to the 22/24 episode American ones!) So it won't take up that much of your time, and it's essential British comedy viewing.

    Closely followed by

    Shaun Of The Dead


    Hot Fuzz

    After these the material gets pretty muddy and passable.

    I'll let someone else take on the American Pie question.

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    5 years ago

    I love the whole thing and whatever with Simon Pegg in i like Asylum kind 1996, Spaced, Shaun of the useless, hot Fuzz, Run Fatboy Run, Paul, first-rate fear of the whole lot, Burke and Hare famous person Trek, how to Lose acquaintances and Alienate men and women, megastar Trek: Into Darkness and the arena's end. The one cause that i love All his movies is seeing that i've just a little little bit of a crush on him, and i do not give a damn how ancient he's due to the fact that i will lift on loving him until the day I die. And it appears you probably have a crush on an older guy, like Simon Pegg for instance, it manner that you are much more mature and developed then girls that like boys that are a yr older. So there!

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