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Questions about Spider man movies?

Got a few spider man Questions can someone answer (A fan please)

So, how many spider man movies were there?

and who/what was the main villain/plot in each movie?



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    "Spiderman" - 2002

    Peter Parker first gets bit by spider, has fun with his powers at first until that leads to his uncle dying, now he uses them to fight crime. His powers are put to the test when Norman Osborne turns into the Green Goblin and terrorizes the city.

    "Spiderman 2" - 2004

    Spiderman is trying to balance a personal life. Doctor Octopus goes on a rampage to complete his experiments when his mechanical arms fuse to his body and start to take over.

    "Spiderman 3" - 2007

    Spiderman gets cocky with his abilities and life seems to be going well for him. He finds the Symbiote which enhances his powers but also exploits his darker side. He gets ride of the Symbiote and it finds its way to Eddie Brock, a rival photojournalist who has a beef with Peter Parker. Brock fusses with the Symbiote and becomes Venom. Meanwhile, Peter Parker learns that the man who actually killed Uncle Ben just escaped jail and was turned into The Sandman. Meanwhile (this movie was not very good) Harry Osborne learns that Peter Parker is Spiderman and turns himself into the Hob Goblin to avenge his father. (3 Villains, Venom, Sandman, and Hob Goblin)

    "The Amazing Spiderman" 2012 (reboot, different continuity from previous films)

    Peter Parker goes searching for what happened to his parents. This leads him to a science lab where he meets Kurt Connors, and is bitten by the Spider. The new powers cause Peter to learn the science Connors has been working on and together they complete a secret formula. Connors uses the formula to turn himself into The Lizard. Spiderman now has to fight The Lizard because he helped create him.

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    Are You Kidding?!! As a lot Of A CashCow These Spider-Mans' movies Are? No way Is It The final One!! Spidey would be recast As Spider-Man(Like in the James Bond films) And Toby McQ. Could reside At Some point. Then He'll be replaced.

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    there are 3 original spider man films that have tobey mcguire(spider man), kirsten dunst (mary jane), & bryce dallas howard (gwen stacey): spiderman, spiderman 2, and then spiderman 3.

    then, recently there is going to be an AMAZING SPIDERMAN movie saga that will most likely be a trilogy also. the first one is called the amazing spiderman, and I am not sure what the next 2 will be called. the next one is set to release next year. these movies star emma stone and andrew garfield, no word yet on who will be mary jane!

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