In view of the MONUMENTAL failures of those who try to predict future events by bible prophecy?

Should any bible student, church, organization, ever try to attach time lines or meanings to bible prophecies in Daniel, Revelation, Ezekiel,or any other bible book?

Since no one can prove that they have ever gotten any prediction or expectation right by using such biblical math, should not anyone that has tried to interpret these numbers just simply admit that they were wrong and allow God to reveal the fulfillment if any??

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    8 years ago
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    The key part to your question, as I undestand it, is whether it's right to attempt to predict FUTURE events by attaching time lines and meanings to prophecies. The only future event prophesied in the Bible that Christians look forward to is the second coming of Christ Jesus, and Jesus himself told us that no man knows the day or the hour, only the Father in heaven. Yes, Jesus gave us signs to look out for, and warned us to be alert because he would come "like a thief in the night" when people least expected him to turn up.

    It is therefore wrong for any human to attempt to predict that event by attaching time lines and meanings to prophecies. The "last days" started after Jesus ascended into heaven, and although the Bible gives us clues (like the coming of the Antichrist who will make a peace treaty with God's people but break it after three an a half years), Christians should be living their lives as if Jesus was going to turn up tonight! God's timing is perfect, and it's none of our business to second-guess him.

    Consider the devastating effects such false predictions have had in the past. Thousands of people have been mislead and deceived by false prophets (as Jesus forewarned), and instead of pointing people to Christ Jesus as the only means of salvation, their faith has been destroyed. Obsessing with chronology and future-telling is not for Christians. The only thing that does is prove how wrong all those man-made predictions are.

    However, there is an intruiging prophecy in Daniel chapter 9 that points to the coming of the Messiah and being “cut off” (crucified). Jesus Christ presented Himself to the nation of Israel on Palm Sunday, March 27, was crucified four days later on April 1, or “Preparation Day” (the annual day on which the Passover Lamb was slain), and rose from the dead on Sunday, April 3, AD 33, all within a 30-day range of dates calculated from the prophecy in Daniel.

    The prophecy then goes on to say that subsequent to the Messiah being “cut off,” “the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary.” Within one generation of Christ’s crucifixion, Titus razed Jerusalem and destroyed the temple. Through God revealing it to him, the Prophet Daniel predicted the very day of Christ's death—over 600 years before it occurred. Now that is fascinating, don't you think? I don't think there is anything wrong in establishing time lines that confirm biblical events, but when it comes to future events, we would do well to avoid speculation.

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    We should all read and learn of Bible prophecy. We owe our very lives to it. Making a time line is OK as long as we set no dates to it, with the exception of those that we know have occurred. Such as the birth and the death of Jesus, as an example. But when the Rapture or Tribulation or the second coming of Jesus has had dates set for them, of course none have come true. But just the ideal of such is like their trying to play God. God has a time line and I'm sure he knows when things are going to happen, but there is not one person or organization or church that has any clue as to what that is. All that have tried have failed, the Jehovah's Witnesses go a bit further to explain their dates setting with Jesus' second coming, as not being a coming but rather his presence and that presence is invisible. Well how do you fight that, if you can't see him, then how do you know he is really there. Yet they argue he can only be seen with the spiritual eyes of discernment. Other words you just know he's there because you are told by those who know. How does that story of the Emperors news Clothes go? Anyhow, we need to do, just as you suggest, allow God to reveal the fulfillment. They need to understand that God is ever so powerful and time to him, well he created time for us, for as God he is unlimited and eternal. When Jesus made the statement that only the Father knows, then why would anyone who would call himself/herself Christian doubt that by trying to prove that Jesus was wrong and pin pointing a date? It's not as much a monumental failure to predict the date as it is just to bring that thought forward and make it in the order of doctrine. Then when it does not happen, lie about it and make changes and carry on as if it didn't happen.

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    These "religions", or shall we say New Religious Movements (aka cults) always use end time (last days) prophecies as their central belief system. That is one way of distinguishing them - do they keep drumming fear into you and even setting dates?

    Jesus didn't overly focus on his second coming; he was more concerned about people's spiritual readiness (in other words, not just being "forgetful hearers").

    As for prophecy, Joseph said it right when he said:

    Gen 40:8 "...Do not interpretations belong to God?"

    One only has to read the bible and see throughout it that God only speaks prophecies and gives interpretations through genuine prophets (those who had direct communication with God).

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    5 years ago

    There are enough predictions in the Bible that if only 8 came true it would be like covering the state of TX with quarters and having only one of them with a red dot on it then finding the one quater with the red dot. Guess what all the things in the Bible came true, and we are still only waiting on like one or two more things.

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    8 years ago

    I have to AGREE that people should probably avoid setting times for the end of the world as we know IT.

    I avoid BIBLE prophecy people because it all sounds like crazy talk to me.

    I never ask GOD about the future. You have to wonder why anyone would want to KNOW.

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    8 years ago

    Yes, especially considering the fact that Revelation is not a book of prophecy, but a rant against Rome.

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    8 years ago

    Christianity is the Mother of Whores in Rev. 17 & 18.

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    It's like Nostradamus. There are crowds of simpletons who loudly proclaim that one of his 'prophesies' has come true, but only after it happens, never before.

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    8 years ago

    Yes, but they are very good at predicting the past retrospectively

  • 8 years ago

    Indeed, but how will they make money from that?

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