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Should I start Alex Smith or Mark Sanchez this week?

I have Peyton Manning as my other QB, and Drew Brees is on bye. So should I start Alex Smith or Mark Sanchez?


sorry I meant Peyton Manning is on bye not Drew Brees.

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    Alex Smith. Mark Sanchez is just plain awful even though he can have productive weeks every once in awhile. Other than last week, Alex Smith is quite consistent and tends to not throw many interceptions. Although Seattle picked off Tom Terrific a few times last week, so that may be a worry. But I would still ride with Smith, Sanchez is as likely to throw 4 picks this week.

    Source(s): 9 years fantasy football experience.
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    Peyton is on bye not Drew. If you have Brees start him! But if I had to choose from the others it would be Alex because he has more weapons.

  • Neither! I wouldn't start any of these 2 QB this week but if I absolutely had to pick I would say Sanchez... Just came off a great week and patriots are a much better matchup than the Seahawks secondary. You must play in a 10/12 team league if u have both of these schmucks. Try picking up someone like Josh freeman, Fitzpatrick, or even hasselbeck, they all have great match-ups this week

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    For Week 7 you can play Drew Brees. His bye week was week 06.

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    I'm certain Drew Brees had his bye last week. Or did I misunderstand the question?

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    in reality the Broncos and Jets have given up fewer fantasy factors to opposing QBs than the Colts. The Colts have given up 2 passing TDs and a million operating TD to a QB all three hundred and sixty 5 days. compared, the dolphins have given up 10 comprehensive QB TDs. although Smith appeared prety good very last week, the D is more complicated this week. i ought to offer a mild part to Sanchez.

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    Alex Smith. Sanchez sucks. TEBOW

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    Are you high? Brees isn't on bye. Smith if you have to but Brees isn't on bye.

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    Jets will have to throw a lot to stay in it. I like Sanchez this week

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