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Your views on purchasing animals from pet store?

Today I went to the pet store to get some dog supplies and decided to take a look at the puppies that they had there. For the record, I would never purchase a puppy from a pet store/shop. To me, it's wrong and I know all about the puppy mills and stuff, that's a totally different subject. Anyways, the puppies themselves looked pretty healthy on the outside which is always good. (Hate going to see puppies that look sick). I was appalled to see that they had breeds in there that aren't usually in pet stores! Great Danes, Akitas, A RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK! They're starting to get to more "rarer" breeds that aren't popular with families and I was completely surprised. I was also appalled to see that their mixes were so expensive. An english/french bulldog mix was over $2k! According to this pet store, they say that their puppies come from reputable breeders, but I obviously don't believe that for a second. I was pretty disgusted and didn't stay long.

What are your views on pet stores/shops that have puppies, or even small animals? Do you think it's okay to purchase puppies, kittens, or small animals (rodents, birds, reptiles) from a pet store?


I should note that this pet store has 4 separate large glass rooms to put in same sized puppies together and that's how they show them.

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    I do not buy any pets from pet stores.

    I think the last pet I got from a pet store was one of my fish from an online pet store.

    I have only ever seen one pet store I would get pets from since they did not sell them they held adoption events for local shelters in my area.

    The closest pet store to me has puppies in these glass pen type things on shavings that get into their hair, their eyes and bowls. Plus they are only cleaned once a day so close to closing time it is really gross.

    I don't think it is ok to purchase any animals from pet stores.

    My dad is a big pet store animal buyer he thinks he is "saving" them and no matter what you tell him he still thinks he is saving them.

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    My neighborhood pet store stills sells domestic dogs but i've requested them the place they get their puppies from seeing that I desired to grasp. I had about an hour long talk with the proprietor who stated that they purchase from a breeder but that their breeder used to be registered with the entire fundamental associations involving breeding puppies, they've their possess vet that is available in once per week and they're most often inspected (at random) by way of the vital authorities. The proprietor additionally stated that at any time a member from the general public that was once thinking of buying a puppy was welcome to visit the breeder so they might see first hand what the position was once like and how the pups had been raised. I too am towards purchasing puppies from pet stores for the reason that most of them normally wouldn't have such stringent controls for the breeder but as you will discover, not all pet shops are irresponsible. Seven years ago I purchased my canine from a pet retailer (being non the wiser about dog mills at the time) and even though i love my dog dearly, from a health perspective, she is a reject and truly must under no circumstances have been born. Routinely i'm wondering how her litter mates are doing now and if they all have the equal problems as my infant. I just hope they have loving and caring owners who will shield them, regardless of the brief falls. I fully aid outlawing dog mills and outside breeders but I also support breeders who're doing the right thing so that we will have glad and healthful puppies.

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    I've bought plenty of dwarf hamsters throughout the years. The only bad thing with them was one developing diabetes 6 months into owning him. I bought my first set of ferrets at the beginning of the year & have had no problems with them yet. The fish are a completely different story though.

    I'll probably never own a dog, if I do I'd only want a husky & would go to a private breeder. I'd prefer to get a free cat from a newspaper ad, but if the day comes I want a bengal or highland lynx I'll go wherever I have to. I'll love an animal no matter where it came from.

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    Purchasing a dog at shop is not a good idea. 85% of the.time you.will get a sick dog. Dogs in a petshop are more than likely infected with kennel cough. There was just a segment on the news about many dogs coming home from a.petshop only to die 3 to 7 days later. I was just in a.petshop with puppies this past weekend and it made me upset the way they had their cages set up... no solid flooring only crate like bottom that had 2 inches of space from where their feces and urine was. The.crated bottom is really bbad for their paws... it was truly sad. I will from a petshop... only from reliable breeders or rescues.

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    Well my local pet store is pets at home and the one we have here is actually pretty good. I always research pets and when I go into the store I ask questions about the animals and they always get their facts right. The cage sizes are really good and everyone I know who has bought a pet from there its been healthy:) but not all pah stores are as good as that. My store doesnt sell birds any more and has a rehoming animals section:) The largest animal they sell is rabbits.

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    every single breed has a breed specific rescue. There is a a labradoodle rescue, rescues for EVERYTHING. most rescues you can get a dog in the 300 or so range, already checked for health.

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