2009 Pontiac G6 GT Stiff Steering Wheel?

I'm looking into buying a car, and I found this guy for a decent price. It's a used, 54k miles, 2009 Pontiac G6 GT. I read reviews on it and people for the most part loved it (aside from the cheap plastic on the inside). Right now I've been borrowing a 2013 Elantra and love it. I took the Pontiac on a test drive and noticed the steering wheel was SUPER stiff. I mean, it took quite a bit for me to steer the car, more than any usual car. The salesman told me that's how GT's are made? It still has about 20k miles left on the drive train warranty, but I'm not sure if this is normal or not. Everything else in the vehicle seemed great, but the steering wheel took a lot more effort than normal.

Can anyone give me some insight on Pontiac or if this is a common issue? Thanks!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    This IS a common issue with this vehicle, and there are 2 TSB's on the EPS (electric power steering) to do with lack of assist due to a failing PSCM (power steering control module)

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  • 8 years ago

    Just depends on your definition of stiff. Some cars just common & people drive cars that are a little easier than others. But regardless, may have a power steering pump issue but before you buy it, Powertrain does not cover anything to do with the Power Steering System!!!!! So know that before you make your purchase. If the salesman tells you it does, get it in writing & signed so when they say it isnt coverd, they have to eat it, not you. I even looked up the codes, Power Steering isnt a powertrain issue

    But whoever sells you a car, if it has any type of problems with it & you want it fixed prior to buying it, make sure they do it before you buy it or get them to write it down on the contract & signed by them before you sign anything & make sure you get a copy & keep it!!!!!!!! That is your insurance they will own up to their promises

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    8 years ago

    I just would not buy a Pontiac cause they are over with and next year the resale value will drastically be reduce

    Say if I drive a car and on test drive there is something I don't like well just leave it there and shop something else

    Want to save yourself lots driving around and salesman sale pitch

    Shop online send them an email like a turkey question see they respond .


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