What would you guys do in this awkward situation?

Ok so this guy that I kinda knew asked me for my number Hela randomly on fb but I asked him for his number like a year ago but I gave it to him and we started talking and Geting to know eachother and likeing eachother he asked me if i would like to go to the movies when we both have free time I accepted 

So the night we decided to meet up i just decided to spend the night with him and get to know him more (nothing sexual) but he was talking about how he seen me working at Macy's a couple of weeks ago thats why he asked for my number and I told him no I havnt worked at Macy's in 3 years and we went back and forth about it and baisically he thought I was that girl at macys (awkward)

by that time it was late and i was tired we were already at his house drinking and haveing fun so fast forward we ended up sleeping together i felt awkward about it when I woke up because I don't sleep with a guy on first night.i told him how i felt about that so we decided to take things slow and keep Geting to know eachother but! I think he was just being nice and not trying to hurt my feelings because in the beginning he was texting me and flirting with me asking me out on dates but the WHOLE time he was thinking I was that girl and thinking he was pursuing her wich leaves me out the picture...what would you do in this situation??

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hi j, the first thing I would do, is to check Macy's, to see if there is a girl working there that looks like you. Or whether he is making this whole thing up. Anyway it doesn't seem to make all that much difference, because you still slept with the guy. I don't know if you have sex with him, mainly because you fast forwarded on me, so I don't know what happened between having fun, and sleeping together. But I do know you felt awkward afterwards, because you don't sleep with a guy on the first night, and you won't be able to say that again. I'm not sure how you take things slow, when you've already slept with him. I mean sleeping with him is a fast way of going slow. Look, all this might be just because he wanted to get you into bed. And he knows that after the drinking, and the fun, he might be able to keep you talking so long, that it would tire you out, and you might want to sleep there. But you might be right. And he might have thought that you were the girl at Macy's. If he's convinced you that there is a girl at Macy's that looks like you, then there's nothing you can do in that sort of situation. Unless he comes to think that he likes you more than the girl at Macy's. But as I said, it's easy for you to check that, you just need to take a tour of Macy's.

    I wish you happiness

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