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Install simple compizconfig setting manager?


ane punya mslah di ubuntu gan,,

ane kan mw nginstall Simpe CompizConfig Setting Manager,tpy gagal trus..

muncul pesan seperti ini..

"This error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Furthermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time."..

cara ngatasi nya gimana ni gan...

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  • 8 years ago
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    thank u for making it short, u have to upgrade it works great for me............Here's the heads up NOW THIS IS NOT A VIRUS JUST INFO ON 1...........if this has helped pass it on......... here's something u can help with, a super virus has hit the web it's called ,A Card For You, it's in a e-mail DON'T open it delete it , tell all ur contacts friends & family they will thank also called CAD it sends itself to all the contacts then wipes out the zero sector on the HDD so the computer can't fined it, cause that's were it looks when looking for a drive,.I have heard that take the HDD put in a second computer as the # 2 drive & format it, then put it back in & install ur OS, I did hear that pressing the f9 key will bring back to factory settings, don't know 1 has e-mail in about that fix/// NEWS just in u can in run type chkdskspace/r hit ok a dos black screen will come up, & say it would do it right now but on the next restart & ask what do u want do schedule it for next restart y & n click y hit enter then the black screen will disappear, so restart takes a hour it goes throw all the files .dll's & auto fixes them went it done & boots up it gone, the email may still there so delete it fast. I have Microsoft Security Essentials it sits in the system tray, which ur should, if it don't go to MSCONFIG & disable all but put a mark in msseces, & when a virus or Trojan make a temps to come on my computer the icon will turn brown a pop up will come up & say clean the computer click on it & what ever is gone then it turns back to green that means ur safe also it want let u open an emails if ti has a virus & it's free for life...........

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