Ok so this guy that I kinda knew asked me for my number Hela randomly on fb but I asked him for his number like a year ago but I gave it to him and we started talking and Geting to know eachother and likeing eachother he asked me if i would like to go to the movies when we both have free time I accepted 

So the night we decided to meet up i just decided to spend the night with him and get to know him more (nothing sexual) but he was talking about how he seen me working at Macy not too long ago thats why he asked for my number and I told him no I havnt worked at Macy's in 2 years and we went back and forth about it and baisically he thought I was that girl at macys (awkward) but by that time it was late and i was tired we were already at his house drinking and haveing fun so fast forward we ended up sleeping together i felt awkward about it when I woke up because I don't sleep with a guy on the first night 

he didn't do me scanlous in the morning and just leave,he took me to breakfast and when I got home I told him how I felt and he understood and we decided to take things slow and keep Geting to know eachother BUT!!!

The awkward thing is i felt like he didn't really want to know me,he wanted to get to know the girl at Macy's! Because I texted him and asked him so did you think she was me? Or did you think I was her him:I thought you was her why do you keep asking me that? lol:

I didn't know what to text back that's why I wanted to ask you guys opinion I'm in a VERY awkward situation should I keep Geting to know him because we established something or should I forget him because I'm going to look stupid in the end??? What should I text back to him??

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  • 7 years ago
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    I think as long as he's respecting you and pursuing you, don't worry about the other girl. Let it be a funny story about how you met! Keep talking to him, but don't make it an issue.

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  • mohn
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    3 years ago

    Maybe she is rather like worried, or possibly she has a boyfriend (u simply do not know) and he or she wishes two preserve her courting going and no drama. Trust me (I'm sixteen, my bf's 18 and now we have been in combination for two years), and prefer i do know given that now we have been in combination I dont have a want to speak two different men or at the cell on account that it might mess our courting up and neither does he. (We nonetheless have peers of the reverse intercourse, however no near peers of the reverse intercourse.) But if it fairly bothers u, then speak two her in individual and ask her why, if its professional, then do not hassle her, if she does not desire to speak. I imply feel if u have been in her obstacle (if u had a gf) u would not desire any1 two intervene with u men. Hope I helped sweetie.

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