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Setting up a Printer with my Car?

Hi All,

I recently bought 2 products


to use in my 2009 Nissan Sentra. I print large packages of documents (100+ pages) regularly throughout the day for work. I would like to print them straight out of my trunk and thought I had a decent set-up to achieve this, but the printer dies trying to start up attached to the inverter.

I think I just need a more powerful inverter, I know the copying power draw is 445W, but I don't really plan on using that. I am thinking that going through the initial self-test (firing up the scanner) is what causes the printer to shut-down.

Am I right? I would love to have some more information before I go and make any more purchases.


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    You're probably right, it sounds like you thought it out correctly. When printers power on, they draw a very significant amout of power and if the inverter isn't enough it will cause the printer to have problems. I'd recommend a 600W or 800W inverter to properly power the printer, but you may also need to have it supplied with goog wiring from the car to the inverter to allow the inverter to have enough electricity to run effectively.

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