Bullied 15 years ago?

I was bullied from 4th grade to 9th grade at a non stop, even around my home. Im wanting to remember the bad things to make me stronger, but the possitive things around that time just doesnt seem to kick. I need them to also make me stronger so i can get out of this giant ditch from that time.

What to do?

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    Bullying really affects alot of people but don't let that stop u. U have a life. And make ur life right. Do things to make u feel releave like going to the park, going to the beach pool etc.

    Any time a bully comes or even a family member annoy them and tell them there just bullying u because they don't like themselfs and walk away calmly. That would make u feel more better. Just think about it. Say this in ur head ..... Bullies are just doing this because they don't like them selves.... Even do that when a real bully comes but don't think about the past think about the future. U got better plans and goals then them..... It's ur life and make it right..... If u look towards the past ur sertain to miss the future.....

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  • 8 years ago

    Years ago a book was published with the title: _The Power of Positive Thinking_.

    It was a best seller for years, because it provided much useful advice.

    It's main message was that those who set out to think *positive* thoughts,

    which involved their strengths, ended up happier and more successful than

    the people who spent their time worrying about their weaknesses or bad

    experiences and failures that they'd had in the past.

    As much as you can, think about the good times, and the successes that

    you have had . This will carry you forward.

  • 8 years ago

    Dont meditate on the negative that happend to you. instead of making you stronger it will backfire and cause you to fall even deeper. trust me it doesent work. what you should do is bury your demons and move on with your life.

  • Nekoni
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    8 years ago

    Yeah I was bullied and have depression too. I take pills for it.

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