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Will I damage my hair too much if I go blonde?

I'm definitely not gonna do it at home as I have no experience with bleach. I know coloring at the salon isn't as bad for your hair as color out of a box but what about bleach? I got a perm a year ago and I'm just worried about damaging my hair after the damage the perm caused.

My hair is light brown/brassy red with a lot of natural blonde highlights (hasn't been dyed in 3 months and always fades to this color.... also, my Y!A picture is really old, it's not nearly as dark as my picture). I want to go a light ash blonde.

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    Yes defenitly go to a salon when bleaching your hair. I would say your fine since the perm was a year ago but I'm not saying its not going to do any damage I have dark brown haircolor and I have blonde around the hairline except the bang area and everytime I do the touch up it breaks. So it all depends on your hair and you say your hair is light brown already so it should grab faster and shouldn't cause as much damage just do like a deep conditioning after and don't wash your hair as much.

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    Get a trim to do away with the broken ends, and check out to not dye it, its no longer valued at the harm. In a 12 months or so that you would frequently dye it blonde if it is healthful once more. And on no account use solar-in once more, it'll have completely converted your hair color. My aunt used it whilst she was once more youthful, she had mild strawberry blonde and now its extra of a mild purple-brown.

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    Depends if you're dying it or bleaching it. Bleaching it will really damage it, dying will damage less. To figure out how to keep your hair as healthy as can be while dying or bleaching see the link below. I hope it helps you out!

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