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I'm trying to get better RB's so are these trades good?

My team is

QB: Cam Newton, Andy Dalton

RB: Chris Johnson, Michael Turner, Fred Jackson, Shonn Greene

WR: Reggie Wayne, Percy Harvin, Dez Bryant, Steve Smith (Car), Anquan Boldin

TE: Vernon Davis, Scott Chandler

D/ST: Ravens, Cowboys

Kicker: Greg Zuerlein, Dan Bailey(on Waiver)

So, I sent out two trades:

Reggie Wayne & Michael Turner for Matt Forte

And Shonn Greene for Demarco Murray

My question is are these fair/good trades?

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    They're good in the sense they'd help you, but I'd seriously doubt either owner would accept them. Elite starting RBs are the most valuable players on a team, and it never makes sense to downgrade at the position for lesser players.

    You don't give scoring or league size, so it's hard to evaluate how competitive your team is. But the biggest problem is you have too many bench stashes where you don't need them, leaving you with only 4 RBs (which isn't good) and 5 WRs total. If your league is like most, you'll start 5-6 at RB/WR, and you don't have the depth where you need it most.

    At DEF, for example, you'd never carry more than one, because it's all about matchups. I plugged in the Browns in one league last week and they won the game for me. With Vernon Davis, you do not need a b/u TE. And with never need 2 PKs. What is the point of wasting a bench spot on Bailey?

    It's hard to say what to do other than pay close attention to waiver wire pickups. At RB, you would have been much better served going after Felix Jones, Powell of the Cards (even if not a good start this week), Green of the Packers, etc.

    Your best short term trade bait is Vernon Davis. Chandler is doing fairly well and has a dream matchup this week vs the Titans. You might be able to combine him with one of your WRs and get a decent RB if someone is desperate at Te.

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    Murray's currently injured and won't play this week. If he did, Greene for him would be a good trade.

    I don't think Matt forte is worth giving up Wayne AND turner. Wayne is way too valuable and lucks favorite target anywhere on the field. Instead, of him offer Bryant, smith or boldin. That's way more fair.

  • mallie
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    no way do no longer do this Percy Harvin has performed poor and terrific had one good week and is rather good yet he would be injured plenty because of the fact of his length. MJD has completed poor yet hes nonetheless between the astounding backs and jacoby jones is sweet reason jones is the slot reciever and faces the 0.33 and fourth corners.

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