Good dance songs for a show?

Here's the thing. I'm not looking for an ordinary like "Britney Spears" type song. We do this show every year at my school. We've done it for 26 years now. So, it's basically any type of thing thats appropriate that can go in the show. Exaples from years past: Seasons of love (from the musical rent), Thriller (michael jackson), Stronger (kelly clarkson), Conga (gloria estefan), everybody (backstreet boys).

We do lots of songs, and the students are the ones that get to make up the choreography. So, i can't have just a girly jazz song on anything like that. Please help! Tell me if you need more details!

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    I'm going to give you my "jazz" song list but it's a wide range of music, if you don't like it or want a different genre like lyrical, email me and I'll give you a new list.


    Pink Floyd--- Summer ’68, Coming back to life, Lost for words, Great day for freedom, San Tropez

    High hopes, Lucifer Sam

    Billy Joel—Only the good die young, We didn’t start the fire, Uptown girl, River of dreams

    David Hasselhoff--Queen of the rain, Try a little tenderness, Dark Side of my heart, Crazy on a Saturday night, Until the last teardrop falls

    Evanescence--Bring me to life, Lose control, The only one, Breathe no more, Even in death ,Going under,

    Everybody’s fool, Sweet sacrifice, Call me when you’re sober, sick, lost in paradise

    Sarah Brightman—Fly, When it rains in America, Rain, How can heaven love me, You take my breath away, It’s a beautiful day, Arabian nights, Harem, I lost my heart to a starship trooper (hot gossip)

    Paula Abdul- Vibeology, Cold Hearted Snake, Straight up, to you, the way that you love me

    Miami Sound Machine- Dr. beat, Conga, Primitive love, prisoner of love, rhythm is gonna get ya, 1-2-3, movies

    Rob Zombie—Dragula, Spookshow baby, Phantom Stranger

    Enigma --Gravity of love, Silence must be heard, Principles of lust, Sadness

    Meatloaf—If this is the last kiss, everything louder than everything else, bat out of hell, rock & roll dreams come true, You took the words right out of my mouth, not a dry eye in the house, los angeloser

    Charlotte Church—Don’t think about it, moodswings, dream a dream (Elysium), call my name, crazy chick

    the Doors--People are strange, LA Woman, Waiting on the sun, hello I love you, love me two times, when the music's over

    Black muddy river—grateful dead

    Underneath the radar—underworld

    Put your lights on—Santana

    She wolf—Shakira


    Fighter—Christina Aguilera

    Music that you can dance to-The Sparks (Rad)

    Send me an angel—Real Life (Rad)

    Thunder in your heart—John Farnham (Rad)

    Get Strange—Hubert Kah (Rad)

    Loved by the sun, Is your love strong enough —Tangerine Dream (Legend)

    She’s like the wind—Patrick Swayze (dirty Dancing)

    Tonight is what it means to be young—Fire Inc (Streets of fire)

    Love is in the air—John Paul Young (Strictly Ballroom)

    It’s my turn to fly—The Urge (Titan AE)

    Chilly Down, Magic dance —David Bowie (Labyrinth)

    Batdance, Partyman-Prince (Batman)

    One more time –Michael Bolton (Sing)

    What’s the matter with love—Laurena Wilerson (Sing)

    Only my heart talking—Alice Cooper

    Buttons, When I grow up —PCD

    Striptease—Danity Kane

    Circus—Britney Spears

    When the rush comes—Motorcycle

    Sledgehammer—Peter Gabriel

    Talking in your sleep—The Romantics

    Crystal Blue persuasion—Tommy James & The Shondells

    Silent Lucidity—Queensryche

    Abracadabra—Steve Miller Band

    Red red wine—UB40

    Godzilla—Blue oyster cult

    Who’s Johnny-El Debarge

    Set the night to music—Starship

    What have you done for me lately—Whitney Houston

    No more tears, Zombie Stomp —Ozzy Osbourne

    Nasty—Janet Jackson

    It’s raining men—Weather Girls

    Dream Weaver—Gary Wright

    Set adrift on memory bliss-PM Dawn

    Moon Baby--Godsmack

    Won’t back down-Eminem

    More than a kiss-Tommy Conwell (shout)

    Kentucky Rain, An American Trilogy, There’s a brand new day on the horizon —Elvis

    Love you to death—Kamelot

    My destiny—Leaves’ Eyes

    I Like it—Enrique Iglesas

    Only girl—Rihanna

    Rock you like a hurricane-scorpions

    Finest hour-Cindy Valentine aka Valentine Leone (Teen Witch)

    I like boys-Elizabeth & the Weirz (Teen Witch)

    Never gonna be the same again—Lori Russo aka Valentine Leone (Teen Witch)

    Detroit Rock City—Kiss

    Dreamstate-Liquid Sky

    Crossing the River-Eddi Reader(Batman Forever)

    Shake your cosmic thang, Channel Z —The B-52’S

    Cause I’m a blonde-Julie Brown (Earth Girls are easy)

    Naughty girls need love too—Samantha Fox

    Dirty Diana (and others)—Michael Jackson

    Marry the night-Lady Gaga

    Holiday, lucky star--Madonna

    She’s a rebel-Green Day

    Roses of Success, me ol' bamboo-Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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    This is How We Do - The Game feat. 50 Cent. In the Club - 50 Cent, especially if you include the long version it had in the video, AND the video. California Love - If you can't dance to this, well, you can't dance to anything. -Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur. Still D.R.E. Excellent beat - Dr. Dre, feat. Snoop Dogg. Shake that *** Girl (Disco Inferno) - 50 Cent. My Hump - Black Eyed Peas - especially good if you have girls in your group. Fight the Power - Public Enemy feat. Anthrax - Great aggressive beat and guitars AND vocals Du Hast - Rammstein - Rock and Roll, German style. Combines gothic vocals with driving rock beat. Everybody Dance Now - C&C Dance Machine - One of the great dance songs of all time. Groove is from the Heart - The title says it all. If you can dance, it's from the heart. Enter Sandman - Heavy Metal - Builds to nice crescendos. These are all you should need.

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  • 7 years ago

    all in it together - high school musical

    black or white - Michael Jackson

    price tag - jessie j

    poker face - lady gaga

    grease lighting - grease

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