my windows blue screen?

guys sometimes when i attempt to either hibernate or shut down my hp 635 windows 7 starter laptop, it takes quite sometime (this doesn't happen often) and i sometimes hold down the power button to shut it down quicker. Lately, when i try to either hibernate or shut down it still takes a long time and eventually it shows a small blue screen, the only thing i can make out of the blue screen is power state failure, before it disappears and the computer restarts. please those anyone have an idea about what is wrong with my computer?

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  • 8 years ago
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    power state failure means

    windows has given up waiting for a PnP device to power down or power up

    into the correct state.

    Drivers have to follow the microsoft rules for HIBERNATION, STANDBY


    it smacks of a bad driver, or worse a complete messup by Microsoft

    there are many reports of this on the HP site, but no answers that i can see.

    my guess then.....

    there are a number of windows 7 problems relating to external

    hard drives. Particularly where windows seems to get confused

    as to which Drive Letter an external drive might have. This oftens

    results in Write Protected errors when the drive should be ok.

    In other words what im saying is Windows has got a BAD list of

    REMOVABLE devices. It might RETAIN a drive letter STATUS thinking

    the drive is still connected.

    This kind of MEMORY may only be corrected, by re-attaching the drive

    and RENUMBERING the Drive letter allocated to it, so windows can be

    made to FORGET the wrong STATUS conditions. This would of course be terrible

    programming but i assure you microsoft are very capable in that respect.

    so what im suggesting is, you have been using an external drive and at some

    time windows hasnt shutdown properly or has got confused, and its still stuck

    in some list somewhere. It could have happened some time ago.

    re-attach the drive, and use disk management to allocate a new drive letter to it

    then Disconnect the drive using EJECT and DISCONNECT.

    then see if your shutdown is happier.


    if you havnt been using USB sticks or external drives then i apologise for

    such a long winded answer, and please see HP site for a better guess.

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  • 8 years ago

    I had a problem similar to this a few months ago with a new motherboard in a custom computer. After I installed all the drivers, the computer would hang when shutting down, and eventually just restart itself. My problem was caused by a PSU that did not have suitable wattage to power the computer properly (as odd as it sounds). My guess is that the power supply or power delivery system may be faulty someway.

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