What do u think of Hopsin and Tyler the creator?

BQ:First off before everyone starts dissing on me and cussing me out. I would like to say yes I do like Hopsin he talks about some real issues, But... My problem with him is that he complains about mainstream to much, I'm starting to consider him more of a backpack rapper than conscius anymore. I'm just saying how are you going to diss every rapper out right now except Emenim. Eminem is basically saying a lot of the stuff these rappers rap about. Another thing how can he diss on everybody and he has no record from what I'm seeing that he's been in the hood like some rappers. That would make hopsin about as fake as most rappers these days, sure Rozay was a correction officer but at least he stayed in the projects. Meek Mill stayed in the ghetto as well, and he sold drugs and been to prison, plus he's taking care of his kid. Kendrick Lamar is talking about real issues so is J. Cole. Now one thing most of yall have to agree with me on is that a lot of these people are going to far with saying Hopsin is better than 2pac and Biggie and they are real hood n!ggas. Don't forget Nas and Common good sweep the floor with Hopsin so why is everybody supporting him if he doesn't even have a record of being hood. On top that when he made I'll Minds 5 why did have a whole bunch of white people with problems instead of blacks if he means to make music to fix up hip hop? I'm sorry but that sounds like a bunch of crap to me, I will just stick to my old school rap, Nas, Common, Outkast, and MMG.

BQ2: Tyler I think he can't rap he's immature, and stupid telling people to quit school, if anybody is a threat to hip hop for real he is.

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    ya, hopsin's only popular songs are the ones he disses rap in . ( sag my pants , ill mind 4 , ill mind 5 , hop madness) and i think that says a lot about his fans .

    hopsin was on Disney Chanel with leads me to believe he was middle class or higher .

    bq2: listen to the song goblin by tyler and he explains everything you think of him

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    BQ: I am actually a big fan of Hopsin. The problem is one of your problems, he hates in mainstream rappers too much. Obviously the people saying Hopsin is better than Biggie and 2pac are going a little too far, but he is like them in some ways. He talks about real issues: life, and not just money, girls, drugs and alcohol. He has a great flow and his music is just good. I wouldn't say he is better than Biggie or 2Pac, but he is up there.

    BQ 2: I am also a fan of Tyler, The Creator. He isn't really a threat to rap I don't think. He has the unique style of rapping where he says things that other rappers would be afraid to say, and honestly he doesn't care about other people's opinions. He's just being himself. Also, his music is just fun to listen to, and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Also, like someone else said, if someone quits because Tyler says to, there an idiot. Plain and simple.

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    I hate the whole take sides thing, I'm a big fan of both. It's just like the East and West beef, everyone would pick a side like they're little kids. Pathetic, but i do agree, Hopsin complains way to much, I mean, he is talented, and im a fan, but he needs to stop complaining, like Ill Mind 5 was real but hella annoying, then it's even worse when people say he's the "savior of rap" like the hell... Way too much credit.

    BQ2: I like him, I don't think necessarily he's a "threat." And if anybody quits school cos' Tyler says it in a song then they might as well quit school with how dumb they're. But yeah, i like him, he's pretty funny.

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    Hopsin is dope.Not a fan of Tyler.

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    To be honest, I think they're nothing really different. Necro, Cage, and Gravediggaz have already done this horrorcore kind of stuff before.

    And as for the dissing, it's just for attention probably. I don't blame him.

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