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My cat is angry an upset?

I just moved 2 days ago and my cat was adjusting well to a bedroom. So I opened the door to let her go meet the other cat in the house. Now my cat is very upset. She got so scared she went to the bathroom on herself. I finally got her into her carrier and then put her in the bathroom. Opened the door to the carrier and let her sit over night. I just woke up and she is still very angry. I can't bring her back into her comfortable room though because she has poop on her. Can't clean her cause she is out of control. Is it ok to leave her in the bathroom until she calms down. I feel bad and think it will make her worse. Is she ever gojng to get used to the new house and cat. Im worried. I'll move again before I give her up. Someone please help

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  • 7 years ago

    Poor little thing - what a shock for her. Cats get terribly attached to their surroundings so she's just had a double whammy - a new house AND a new cat to contend with. I think you've tried to introduce her to the new surroundings too quickly.

    You said she was getting used to the bedroom. I would suggest you move her back in there in her carrier. She will clean herself eventually as cats hate to be dirty. Keep her in there and let her get used to her surroundings again, gradually introduce the two cats from either side of the closed door until you think they have got used to each other and then let her out again (this may take a couple of weeks).

    I'm sure she'll settle into her new surroundings. Good luck.

  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    It depends. answering question after question about fleas, kitten care, behavior problems is okay with me.Each question is different even though the solutions can be similar or vary. People who wait to take kittens to the vet always seem to have little experience in raising them. It never bothers me to give advice...I was there too. A 24 hours old kitten, abandoned. Because I did have the means to take it to the vet I learned & have been fostering orphaned kittens ever since. I think the main priority as a group is to share your experience & knowledge. I find the lack of information out there,.. if someone doesn't have a computer/cable or resources a lack of responsible media. If PBS had a show on basic kitten/puppy/cat/dog care,,,it would be popular & informative & reach many. I'm working on trying to make this happen, there is a need. Never be disgusted by the ignorant, & don't give up on people that need accurate information. Always research your "answers" & be very discriminating with your personal experiences & information, you never want it to be in lieu of vet care.

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    I agree with ChiangMai, the first thing you have to do is make her feel secure, but you really have an uphill battle on your hands. To the other cat yours is an interloper in its territory. You have a Jews and Palestinians situation:-)

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