This truck is cool, where can i buy it? (i'm talking about real car, not toy)?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well you can probally purchase it directly from

    However, a vehicle like this is going to be insanly expensive. Especially if you get turrets, weapon systems ect.

    Personally I don't know why ANYONE would want these types of vehicles. Are you planning on being in a convoy that is getting shot at by small arms, machine guns, or rpgs? If not you don't need this. On top of that outside of military, NO insurance co is going to insure it so forget driving it in the US. So if you just HAD to have a armored vehicle for what ever reason, a cheaper alternative price/ maintenance/ and you could actually drive it on the road. Would be to get a regular vehicle like a suburban 3500 or yukon 3500 and have a private co armor it. ie

    It ALOT cheaper, and useful of you actually needed armor. depending on your needs, depends the cost.

    Source(s): 7 years and counting of military convoys in armored military vehicles actually getting shot at.
  • 8 years ago

    dude you even have that kind of money

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