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Is it possible for me to get a scholarship for running?

My name is Jesse. Im 15, and a sophmore in highschool. Freshman year i decided to run track. I run distance, 800, 1600 and 3200 meters. I wasnt the best, but i did fairly good for a first year runner. My PR's are 800-2:12, 1600-5:02,and 3200:11:49. This year i decided to run cross country to get faster for track. My PR right now for the 5k is a 18:31, but the season isnt over yet, im going to get a little faster before the end of the season. My coach allways tells me im a natural runner and have so much potential. She think at the pace im running and training, during track this year my times should be alot faster. She believes i will be around a 2:04-2:08 for the 800 and 4:35-4:40 for the 1600. I havent hit these times yet but im almost positive i will. Is there any hope for me getting a scholarship with the little information given? Anything will help greatly! Thanks- Jesse Marquez

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    Based on the way your track times looked, you probably didn't run during the winter before spring track, right? You have a huge slowdown between one mile and two (and a bit more of a slowdown than expected from 800 to 1600). While it is expected that your pace will slow some as the distances increase, the amount of that slowdown is often indicative of your mileage and how much training you've done. The amount of slowdown that your track times tells us that your preseason mileage was low or nonexistent, but you worked hard once practice started.

    Now jump to your 5k pr, compared to your mile and 2 mile times. The slowdown from 2 to 3.1 miles isn't nearly as prominent - you probably ran some this summer before XC started.

    The key to high school running success is preseason mileage. After XC ends, take about 2 weeks off completely from running. Then start working on some mileage for spring track. There are a ton of online resources for off-season training programs, check out several and find a schedule that suits you. Based on your spring times, I'd suggest something that is not too aggressive early in the winter, something that builds slowly. You appear to have a good aptitude for running, but training at a very high level can't be sustained from November all the way to spring track.

    There is no way to predict how much a person can improve. You've got such a long time until college, anything could happen between now and then. Generally speaking, in sports (and any other activity in life), the only way to tell if you can do something is to try and do it.

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    I have to admit those are pretty fast times. You might be able to get a scholar ship but i'm not really familiar with that kind of things but know this. You are fast but there are plenty of people in the world just as or even faster than you are so you might be able to get a scholarship to a school that isn't amazing but decent i guess. Just work on getting your times even lower. I don't really know how low maybe you can ask your coach or something but most importantly.. Do well in school. Should be first priority.

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