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How has your social development been effect from growing up, and aging out of an orphanage?


I'm writing a short paper on social development in orphan children who aged out of the system. I'm asking you to share with me how that experience now as an adult effects your everyday life. If you would like to share your story privately please email me. This paper is for a college class and is strictly for education use.

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    8 years ago
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    I'm not sure what country you're from, but most developed nations no longer have orphanages. Everything to with that has been switched over to social welfare programs like Child Protective Services and Foster Care Systems.

    There are still institutional facilities but they aren't intended for the same use as an orphanage. There are group homes, placement facilities, youth care centers, and "Residential Treatment Facilities" (a.k.a. RTCs | C= Center) There are also emancipation programs and independent living programs that help kids who have emancipated or who are aging out of the system to get on their feet.

    The RTCs etc are usually for children with legal issues who have either broken the law or have been taken out of homes where their parental guardian(s) broke the law. Their parents are still alive they just are not allowed to have custody. The guardian or parents still have parental rights that enable them to approve or disapprove a living arrangement for their child unless a court decides otherwise.


    Another branch similar to these include mental hospitals/facilities where kids with psychological issues may be placed. Some are locked facilities and some are not.


    There are orphanages that have changed their names or orphanage like places. They're called Children's Homes now or youth care centers. The names are deceptive and confusing. I went to a "youth care center" a couple of times and it definitely was not an orphanage. It was a juvenile detention hall/ correction center. Course if you called it that in front of the wrong staff member you'd get a very stern look & be promptly reminded that is was a "youth care center." Allot of places that house kids try to escape old stigmas and bad publicity or avoid extra audits by redifining themselves with new titles.


    I am not an expert, social worker, or professional of any kind . I lived in the system myself as a teenager for several years.

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  • 4 years ago

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