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Dealer wont pay our "Bill of sale" amount for the Car we never bought. No Sale!?

Me and my wife went to local dealer whose main business is in Auto repair and Services, thru online marketing Portal we found out that a Car that we really wanted to buy(Pre-owned 2009 toyota camry within $12k) was available with them. So we went to the dealer saw it,liked it and went ahead paid the BILL OF SALE amount to buy it, here in Dallas TX.

I paid $200, he attached the receipt to the "bill of sale" Doc. Later my friend suggested to go to a mechanic and do a 160 or 50 point check before we pay the entire amt of $11k. So the next day after taking the car to another Friend who's a certified mechanic works for TEXACO and inspection: he said that this car has some problems and has been in an Accident which never showed up in the Carfax.

Unfortunately i found out all this after I paid the $200. When I went to them they refused to pay the "Bill of Sale" money, saying that: "we've cleaned the Car for you, waxed it and those bit of Scratches you noticed we took that off for you, Now we can't give that money back spent on this car for you".

I really do not know what to do next. How do i get my money back.. I would appreciate if anybody can help us. Thank you.


@Tiggywigg.. thanks for response.. yes now i know i should have got the inspection

done before we dont have any paper that the seller would return deposit.

you said after taking him to Small Claims Court and if i win and have court order him to pay: there would be problems getting the money..would you please care to tell me how could that happen? Thanks.

Update 2:

@Never .. i still have it.. and it does say BILL OF SALE on the document title

Its just a one page document giving the information of the address of the Dealer and the buyer..and includes the following:-

1.Description of the Vehicle sold: has the Stock #..Model..Make..Mileage..and the VIN # in it.

2.Description of Trade in: there's nothing there, as we didnt.

3.Under insurance information: there's nothing entered.. except "LIEN HOLDER".

4.Under Settlement description:

A. Price: $11,000

B.LessTrade allowance -NIL.

C.Difference: $11000 which follows with Sales tax at 6.25%..documentary fee..title inventory tax and they have internet the Total shows $11,974.89 minus $200(which we paid only) = $11,774 n odd.. Balance remaing: NIL.

In the End of this document it has the following statement:-

A Documentary fee is not an official fee. A documentary fee is not required by LAW, but may b charged to buyers for handling documents and performing servic

Update 3:

es relating to the sale. A documentary fee may not exceed a reasonable amount agreed to by the parties. This notice is required by law.

Purchaser hereby declares that eh/she is of legal age to transact business and that no unfair inducement has been made by seller. This order is not binding until accepted by both buyer and seller. The information you see on the window form for this vehicle is part of this contract. Information in the window form overrides any contrary provisions in the contract of sale.

Our Signatures

Seller's signatures and date.

That's all.

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    9 years ago
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    Do you have a written document stating that the dealer would return your deposit money if you wanted out of the deal? Didn't think so.

    You could take the dealer to Small Claims Court, which is easy and cheap, but even if you win, you might still have problems getting your money.

    Obviously, the best time to get a used car inspected is BEFORE you hand over any money.

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    5 years ago

    It's authorized if the financial institution denied her mortgage. She demands to paintings immediately with the dealership's finance and coverage supervisor to get this settled. Often banks will approve any one for a mortgage centered on their credit score the event that they discover that they placed down 'two years' because the time they've lived in a condominium, whilst the truly time is 'two months' they're going to deny the mortgage. Dealer's in many instances even allow folks purchase autos once they anticipate that the buyer will likely be authorised for a mortgage, however they later discover out that the financial institution won't approve a mortgage and need to take again the auto. Most purchasers can paintings with you one way or the other...despite the fact that it method financing the auto with a further financial institution. If the financial institution has no longer authorised the mortgage, then your daughter has no longer but relatively registered the auto in her title - the dealership is keeping the forms till the mortgage is finalized. Work with the dealership to discover her one other financial institution to finance the auto and be certain that her curiosity fee does no longer move up.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That's not "bill of sale" money, it was a security deposit which you lose if you fail to follow through.

    Small claims would cost you money and you would lose. don't get the car for free. However, if you pay the real balance owed you can get the car. Pick one.

    You dont get a $12,000 car for free because of a typo.

    Source(s): I collected about 2 dozen deposits when I was a car dealer. All but 3-4 bought the car as agreed. The others lost their deposit. Unless you have a receipt saying it was fully refundable, you are out of luck.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You aren't entitled to the return of your $200 if you fail to follow through with the deal. Consider it a $200 lesson.

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