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How long do I bake these chicken thighs for?

I did the math for 4.71lbs. of chicken thighs at 350 degrees @ 25min/lb which equals 117.75 minutes. Isn't this the right formula? I baked them on one side for 60min because I figured I'd round it off to 120mins and I'd cook them 60min on each side. There was 10 thighs so I guess the average weight per thigh was a little less than 1/2 lb each.

All was well for the first 60min. then I flipped then and set the timer for another 60min. figuring that I was going to eat in about an hour. To my astonishment when I looked in at the chicken it looked like it was done at 80mins. The skin was crispy and i poked it and no red juice came out of it, so I took it out. The chicken is cooked all the way and it only took 80 minutes and not 117.75 minutes. I was lucky that there was an earthquake and I went into the kitchen to see what was going on. What am I doing wrong with my math? I have read that it should take 1lb of chicken 25min @ 350degrees in so many articles and they say 25min for each lb. of chicken @350 degrees.

I have started to buy larger chicken packages. I used to buy 2-3lb packages because they go on sale every month and I can buy 1 and get 2 free. I have sucessfuly cooked these for 70-75min @350 degrees But I have recently bought 20 large packages that are around 4-5lbs each with about 10 1/2lb thighs in each. How long do I bake these thighs for? I only season with a little salt and a little pepper. Also, does it matter if I used the baking pan that has 2 pieces to it? It has the normal pan and then there's a part that fits on top of it and it has slit like holes for grease to leak through into the lower part. That is what I use to bake the chicken on.

Thanks You for your answers.

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    Bake them at 350 f on the wrong side for 30 minutes. Then flip them over and bake them right side up for 30 minutes and they will be done perfectly...

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    The rule of thumb is 30-35 minutes per lb at 325-350 but you do not have to calculate the total weight when using pieces. Consider the weight of one thigh and cook for the time based on it . additional thighs may add slightly to cooking time due to crowding but not necessary to cook for two hours . The average weight was .5 lb so should be ready in about 40 minutes for the ten. Verify with a meat thermometer.

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