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do you agree with this?

After you divorce yourself from the right wing

Propaganda campaign, it’s all simple and plain

America customed the game

Your president got an African name, now who you gone blame?

When they drop them bombs out of them planes

Using depleted uranium, babies looking like two headed aliens

Follow the money trail it leads to the criminal

Ain’t nothing subliminal to it, that’s how they do it

See they game they run, give a f-ck if he’s cunning

Articulate and handsome, Afghanistan held for ransom

By the hand of this black man, neo-colonial puppet

White power with a black face, he said f-ck it i’ll do it

A master of disguise, expert at telling lies

Then they gave him a Nobel Peace Price

Should of known he was trained in Chicago

Word to Chairmen Fred and Mark Clark

What they do in the dark will come out in the light

Like a wiki leaks site

So I guess Nkrumah was right, who’s ready to fight?

Last stage of imperialism, I ain’t kiddin

In the immortal words of Marvin Gaye ‘This ain’t living’



You ain’t fooling everyone I see the games you play

You was V.I.P. at the B.I.C

And we know that’s code name for C.I.A

The same way your cameras are watching us we’re watching you

Think we’re easy to control you ain’t got a clue

Revolutions on the way, let’s see what your gonna do

You gonna send the troops? You gonna drop the nukes?

See it’s not where you’re from it’s where you’re at

He’s sitting in the White House so who cares if he’s black

And why’s there soldiers still out there in Iraq?

Natural resources ain’t yours, its theirs give it back!

You’re just another puppet but i’m not surprised

Look at Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice

They didn’t change shiiiit, house nicca’s fresh off the slave ship

You’ll all burn in hell even Michelle, Obama Nation

- black the ripper

Was the bigger threat from Osama or from Obama?

Military bases from Chagos to Okinawa

I say things that other rappers won’t say

Cause my mind never closed like Guantanamo Bay

Hope you didn’t build a statue or tattoo your arm

Cause the drones are still flying over Pashtunistan

Did he defend the war? No! He extended more

He even had the time to attempt a coup in Ecuador

Morales and Chavez, the state’s are on a hunt for ya

Military now stationed on bases in Columbia

Take a trip to the past and tell em I was right

Ask Ali Abunimah or Jeremiah Wright

Drones over Pakistan, Yemen and Libya

Is Obama the bomber getting ready for Syria?

First black president, the masses were hungry

But the same president just bombed an african country

- lowkey

its a track called obama nation part 2


lol you took the time to answer without reading its funny how lazy yall can be

Update 2:

unforunatly its filled with trolls.

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    Sum up your beliefs in a sentence or two; not a god damn rap song.

    Silence is golden, they say.

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    that is way too long! And if I wanted to talk politics I'd go to that section!

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    TL; DR

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