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this may sound stupid but what is that dash thingy that people use in books?

i'm writing a book on msword. and i need a long - ( long hyphen)

well it looks like - (the key on the keyboard between the zero 0 and +)

but in books the dash is longer.. . if i press it twice it make two dashes and no one long one. --

how do i get this? is it a keyboard shortcut of something i have to insert. even font styles doesn't make a difference.

please help????????????

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    is an Em Dash

    Alt + 0151 (on the keyboard)(do'nt you know how to use Alt codes ?)

    The em dash is used in much the way a colon or a set of parentheses is used;

    it can show an abrupt change in thought or be used where a full stop (or "period") is too strong and a comma too weak.

    Em dashes are sometimes used to set off summaries or definitions.

    How to use Alt codes:

    Make sure that "Number Lock" is switched on.

    There should be a light on your keyboard indicating this.

    If not, press the "Number Lock" key at the top left of the numeric keypad.

    Hold down the "Alt" key to the left of the space bar and key the code on the numeric keypad.

    Don't release the "Alt" key until after you've typed the alt code. When you release it you should see the special character you include.


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    In MS Word hold the Shift key and press the dash button continuously after 5-6 times , word will automatically change that underlines to a horizontal line!

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    don't put spaces before and after it. the computer will auto lengthen it, unless you use mac, then shame on you and you're probably gonna have to press a combination of various keys or enter a code to get it since mac doesn't like doing things in a functional and efficient manner.

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  • You can make it like this:

    Put a word before it then put -- now put another word like I did.

    Or you can use Alt Codes to make symbols like this. Try Alt+0150 or Alt+0151

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