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What are some iphone 5 features different that the 4?

I have the iphone 4 not 4s im upgrading to a 5. What should i excpect?

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    If you are asking if it is worth the upgrade , from the iPhone 4 yes, from the iPhone 4s, you have to really want the newest product.

    Biggest changes, larger 4" screen, much faster chip a6 vs a4 , it is worth noting that the antenna issue in the iPhone 4 is eliminated in the iPhone 4 for a better signal connection. Not mentioned below, they have also added a microphone for a total of three for clearer call quality even in windy conditions. the iPhone 5 comes with new ear-buds which fit the ear better and produce higher quality sound. the 13 pin charging connector of previous generations have been replace by a reversible lightning connector (you can buy adapters to use 13pin related products). Phone 5 also has the addition of SIRI which in ios 6 also gets support for sports, Facebook, and yelp.

    8 hours of talk vs 7 hours of talk

    8 hours of web (4g / LTE) vs 6 hours of web (3g)

    10 hours of web wifi on both

    Apple A6 chip in iPhone 5 1.3 GHz dual core vs iPhone 4 A4 single core 800 MHz

    iPhone 5= 7mmx58.6mmx123.8mm (thinner / longer)

    iPhone 4= 9.3mmx58.6mmx115.2mm


    iPhone 5 = 4 inch 1136x640 (larger screen)

    iPhone 4 = 3.5 inch 960x640

    iPhone 5= 1 GB ram

    iPhone 4 = 512 MB ram (about half)

    iPhone 5 = (16,32,64 GB size options)

    iPhone 4 = (8,16, 32gb )


    iPhone 5 = 112g (lighter)

    iPhone 4 = 137g


    iPhone 5 = 8mp rear, 1.2mp front, 1080p video

    iPhone 4 = 5mp rear, VGA front, 720p video

    iPhone 5 comes in a black / polished aluminum , white and silver

    iPhone 4 comes in black and white both with silver

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    Screen is a tiny bit bigger

    Tiny bit lighter (not noticeable to me)

    Antenna around black iPhone 5 is black

    Headphone jack on bottom

    Siri (only 4s had it, not 4)

    Retina display for better resolution (not that much difference to me)

    New processor (noticeable processing speed increase)

    8 MP camera as opposed to the 5 MP

    New headphones should stay in ear better (I use beats, don't care)

    That's about it. Not a whole lot different, but I'm still sticking with iPhone over the Galaxy SIII... Seriously, I'm supposed to get it just because I can share playlists with friends by touching phones? Who the hell cares?!?!?

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    A newer looking TOY !! Get an Android.

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    A bigger and better display.


    It is thinner and lighter.

    It has a faster processor.

    It has better cameras.

    It has more RAM.

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