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pain below left rib and left lower abdomen. please help?

Hello im new to here and really hope someone can help me or lead me in the right direction.

Over the last few months i have been experiencing pain to the left of my stomach just below my ribs and at times around my lower left abdomen. I first felt a pinch around my lower abdomen around 4/5 months ago it then turned to a dull achy feeling that comes and goes for no real reason, which i feel mainly when sitting or laying down.

I used to feel a dull achy feeling around my left testicle and had myself checked by over 5 doctors and even had a ultra sound on my testicles but nothing showed up other then a small harmless sist. But for the past month or so i havent really had any pains around the testies but the pain on the side of my stomach still remains. I have spoken to my GP regarding this and he says that he cant think of anything serious that it could be as im not experiencing any other symptoms but seeing as it still hurts im still concerned.

I would say that i feel it more when im sitting down. I used to go to the gym alot and my diet was very clean, but since i started experiencing these wierd unexplainable pains i havnt gone back to the gym in over 4 months and my diet is not as good, also over the last week i have noticed my stool is more yellowish in colour and is very loose? this ach moves from lower abdomen to left side of stomach under my rib. I must add that im male 27 years old, and this ach/pain has persisted for around 4/5 months

Im really hoping someone out there can help me and perhaps recommend what i can do to put an end to this. I really appreciate your time and comments

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    You are having diarrhea with the yellowish loose stools that you are experiencing and i would recommend going to a Gastroenterologist since you said that you were having pain in the abdomen area they specialize in cases like yours also for the stool I would recommend getting a stool culture and O&P done and also some blood work. The only thing with seeing that doctor is you have to have a referrel from another physician such as your family doctor. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you get well soon. Hope this helps!!!

    Source(s): Myself I have my Masters degree in nursing and I am a Certified Nurse Practioner!
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    You could have pulled a muscle if its a pointy anguish that perhaps takes the wind out of you and looks like any person punched you there. It will heal in time. If it continues coming again then see a medical professional.I used to get it in swimming at all times.

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