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Someone, Somewhere has to know this movie?

I believe it was an early 90,s movie. I only saw the beginning and I have asked before and nobody knows.

It starts off with an old wooden boat going down a bayou. It was an oyster boat or maybe a ferry. It pulls up by a dock and a beautiful young girl yells Pa Pa and jumps onto the dock and runs to her father. He asks how was school and she says she hates it because she would rather be at home with him. He was an old white guy with a white beard. She was a little dark complected with long black hair. Her mother was a native American I believe and her mother had died. They live out in the swamp, probably Louisiana, maybe Florida. Back at their cabin some bad men try to rob them or something? They kill her father and she runs after they try to rape her I think. She winds up with some guy who I think was a friend and he protects her because the bad guys are looking for her. They ar out in the middle of the swamp. the guy kind of looked like Jeff Fahey. The girl had an Indian name, something like Napees. That's all I saw, I had to leave and never got to see the rest and have been trying to find this movie for years.

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