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African Clawed Frog in a fish tank?

I am raising an African Clawed Frog tadpole (saved it from my developmental biology lab) and I was wondering if they are good tank mates with fish? I currently have two ryukin goldfish, a black moor and a common pelco all in one tank and I do have another tank left over that my soon to be frog can live in by itself. But I was wondering (for space conservation) if the frog would be OK in there, until he/she becomes too big and may eat my fish as an adult. Thanks.

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    It is unlikely that the frog will get big enough to eat the other fish. The Goldfish may possibly eat the frog. ACFs do get large (3-5"), but can only eat what they can stuff into their mouths whole. They have no teeth or tongues. However, I would not consider them compatible with Goldfish. They prefer much warmer temperatures than Goldfish can tolerate (79-82 degrees). Plus, they are nearly blind, and the Goldfish may eat all of the frog's food before it can find it.

    The frog will be much better off in a solitary tank. 10 gallons is a good size for it, they have to surface to breathe, so a deep tank is not recommended. Do have a hood, they can jump really well!

    As an aside, the Common Pleco is not compatible with Goldfish, either. Just FYI.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Hobbyist for many years, and I have an ACF.
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