How do I study a textbook quickly and effectively?

I would like to become faster at studying textbooks for school. Does anyone have good (and successful) advice?

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    7 years ago
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    In most textbooks (except for history books, in my experience), there will be bolded words or special boxes of text on the sides of some of the pages. Those things are one of the most important things to study and take notes on, because your teacher will most likely put those things in the tests.

    Next, break each chapter down into individual parts. Just for example, if you were studying a science textbook and the chapter was on natural disasters, there will most likely be different sections in the chapter, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados, etc. Make an outline for all of the different sections in the chapter, and only write down the most important things from that section. For example, under the earthquake section of your outline, you would write down the definition, the causes of earthquakes, the effects, etc. Everything else is mostly unnecessary information that will just cause you to spend more time reading than you really need to.

    Also, make sure you take notes on any statistics that the textbook might list, because this is also something that teachers like to put in the tests. For example, if your book quotes that 90% of earthquakes are measured as less than a 6.0, then write that down, because it's likely that this statistic will turn up as a multiple choice question on a future test.

    To summarize: take notes on the bolded words, any statistics listed, and then skim through the different sections of each chapter and take notes as you go.

    I hope this helped! : )

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    relies upon how your instructor teaches. some circulate via the e book enormously much completely and others not often use the e book in any respect, and supply you fairly some notes to benefit. maximum are someplace in between. I consistently examine the books besides. It in no way hurts.

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