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Should Tebow start over Sanchez? Or at least be given a better chance than now?

I always relate to the quote, "the better player should have the better position first." last year, Matt Cassal started out as a better player. He had the starting job. By time week 6 came around, the NFL was talking about how Matt Cassal was not looking as his expectations fortold him to be. He was failing. At week 6, fans and teammates put Tim Tebow in the middle of a losing game. Tim Tebow may not hav won that game, but he started his legacy as the comeback kid. He proved hes the better player than Cassal and got the job.

9 monthes later, Tebow is on a new team. Just like last time, he loses the starting QB over Mark Sanchez. Because of a stubborn coach, Tebow plays a role where he CANNOT express how great of a player he really is. Week 6 is around the corner and fans and experts has LONG TIME AGO been talking about how Sanchez is not living to his week 1 expectations. Rex Ryan must want the Jets to fail this year...

Should Rex Ryan give Tebow the starting QB chance for a first against the Patriots, the team that he made his last great performance? If not, y should Tebow be benched over a player that is not better?


woops... i mean Kyle Orton...

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    Are you serious with this?

    Tim had one great quarter out of 8 against the New England Patriots. That was at home in the first quarter. After that, he did nothing. What did Tim do in the playoff game against the Patriots?

    In case you didn't know, the Jets are tied for first in the division right now. There is zero reason to bench Mark. Tim didn't lose the role of starter over Mark Sanchez. He never had it. Mark was always the guy in New York. Tim understood that when he signed the contract to come play here.

    Nobody ever predicted Sanchez to become elite. It's not about one man's expectations. It's about a team's expectations. The Jets are in a position right now, tied for first, that nobody thought they would be in at this juncture of the season. Everyone predicted New England would have at best 1 loss right now and the Jets would be lucky to have 2 wins. Yet, here they are, in the thick of things.

    Tebow went 9 for 26 in his most recent game as starter against the Patriots. But that doesn't matter because he had a great game in their regular season meeting, right? The playoff win against Pittsburgh is relevant to his resume, but the loss isn't?

    I never knew Matt Cassel and Tim Tebow ever played on the same team before, either. That's really interesting.

    Next time you want to argue what is and isn't best for the Jets, at least try to talk intelligent. Please. You're the reason nobody likes Tebow and his "fans."

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    I am a die-hard Jets fan and go to every home game. First off, he beat out Kyle Orton, not Matt Cassel, in Denver. Second of all, he did not "lose" the starting job to Sanchez - there was never a question that the job would be Sanchez's! Third, Tebow is not a great player. He's big, strong, kind of fast (not THAT fast though) and has a lot of heart. And my last point of contention with the question is that Tebow never had any great performances against New England - he had probably his two worst games of the year last year against New England.

    Also, a glaring difference between this year's Jets team and last year's Broncos team is that, when Tebow took over in Denver, the Broncos were 1-4. These Jets are 3-3 and tied for the division lead. You simply don't bench your quarterback when you are tied for the division lead. In regards to whether or not Tebow should start vs New England next week, why? Is Sanchez come off of an off performance last week? Sure, he had 82 yards passing, which is hardly decent, let alone good, but he was sharp and was efficient both at converting third downs when needed and scoring in the red zone. And if you counter with "yeah but only 82 yards," if your team could run for 250 yards in a game would you throw the ball much either?

    I've been anything but a staunch Sanchez supporter this year, but this week is definitely not the time to pull the trigger on such a move, and I'm not sure that it will come at all, quite frankly.

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    A few things here:

    -Tim Tebow became the starter over Kyle Orton, not Matt Cassel.

    -Week 6 passed

    - The fans and teammates didn't put Tebow in the game. The head coach, John Fox, did.

    -Week 6 last year was 12 months ago, not 9.

    -If Sanchez, a more accurate passer, and can actually throw a spiral, can't have success in that offense, what makes you think Tebow, the worst passer on the league, can?

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    Sanchez had an acceptable game. 11/18 with two TDs. He did everything asked of him to do this week. He needs a running game to be an above average QB. Shonn Greene had a career game and the Jets rolled past the Colts. Its as simple as that. Tebow is great on the wild cat and special teams. That's how it should remain throughout the rest of the season.

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  • It almost seems as if Rex Ryan and the coaching staff want Tim Tebow to fail so that they can say "see I told you we are better with Mark Sanchez at qb" as the way they are using him in situations which most see as not much of a chance to do anything. Feels that way with them and Sanchez as well. Yeah Tebow may not be a very good qb but he is a damn good football player with no chance with the Jets. He would have been better off with the Jaguars instead.

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    Great idea, start him against the Patriots so I can see them mop the floor with Tebow and win 44-3 for the 3rd time in Tebow's career.

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    It really doesn't matter if he should, Ryan made it clear that he won't, and it's not going to happen.

    I personally think Tebow is the better player and would win them more games, but Ryan isn't going to give him a chance.

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    Personally, I believe that Greg McElroy should be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets. McElroy is the best quarterback on the Jets roster.

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    Why not just put fullbacks into a quarterback position? That'll do the trick?

    The Jets traded for a fullback that can play the Wildcat. That's it.

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    GO PATS! Go ahead start Tebow, theres no hope they'll beat the pats so give him a shot! hes done great against the pats in the past

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