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Is it safe for a 19 year old girl to travel to London alone?

I am planning a trip to London for my birthday and I'm wondering would it be safe to go alone?

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    I went to London for my first time at 19 way back in the late 70's and have traveled to London Solo 5 other times since then including this last spring.

    You just follow the same rules as you would for any large city and I would add these from my personal experience

    1. keep personal belongings close to your body- over the shoulder purse works best

    and don't 'flash' your money- keep purse/bag zipped tightly

    2. Walk with head up and with purpose ( act like you know where you are going even if you are unsure) Be aware of your surroundings

    3. plan out your travel/transportation around the city- keep a small notebook or notes on your phone on travel points-such as which underground lines to use or buses that you can refer to.

    4. At night stay in well Lite places and where people will be.

    Plan Safe routes to & from your hotel or place where you are staying

    -- Always carry some cash on your person for a Taxi if needed at night

    5. Don't go around telling strangers you are traveling solo

    - be careful of what you tell about yourself in pubs or clubs if you go to them- and Don't over drink if you do drink and Never leave your drink unattended!

    6.Listen to your Gut instincts!- if you Feel uneasy or unsafe get to a safer place ASAP

    At Trip Advisor there are many tips & reports on Solo travel for women

    basic London Trip Forum Q&As

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    some what yes but mostly no. Some what yes because your 19 and can do whatever you want. Not much to say to that but No since your only 19 and there are some people that could cause some trouble. It's always good to have a buddy around when traveling to locations. If it was me I would have my best friend go with me, just because it is more fun and know that nothing could go wrong. I hope this helped but if It did not then sorry.

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    Yes, you'll be fine, especially if you're wise about personal safety (ie never get into a taxi that isn't pre booked unless it's a black cab)

    Added for London - wait until a few minutes after leaving the tube station to check your phone for messages as pickpockets generally hang around stations

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    Yes it is. Stay alert, be aware of your surroundings and don't carry anything valuable in your pockets. The biggest risk in London is getting your pocket picked.

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    u would better to travel with a friend.

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    Yeah, I'd like to know that...

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