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Do certain names give off certain inmpressions?

EXAMPLE, give 1 name each 4 a boy & girl under these categories:

RICH/WEALTHY- Claire,Preston

DARK/GOTH- Raven,Donnovan

SWEET- Ella,Riley


POPULAR- Peyton,Max

WINTER- Noelle,Kris

NERDY- Bertha,Norman


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  • Lauren
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    8 years ago
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    Rich - Kellin/Hannah

    Goth - Spencer/Ivy

    Sweet - Chris/Beth

    Stripper - Xavier/Brandi

    Popular - Ryan/Emma

    Nerdy - Wilson/Gertrude

  • R.
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    8 years ago

    Yes, I think they do:

    Rich- Emily and Simon

    Dark- Vesper and Dominic

    Sweet- Rosie and Luca

    Stripperish- Candi and Duane

    Popular- Nicole and Matt

    Winter- Noelle and Sam

    Nerdy- Quinn and Collin


    Mean- Sierra and Josh

    Smart- Rebecca and Louis

    Trashy- Kaylee and Kamrun

    Sporty- Kate and Justin

    Attractive- Carmen and Nick

    I hope this helps :)

  • 8 years ago

    Rich - Claire, Wesley

    Goth- Pandora, draven

    Sweet - Selina, Jesse

    Stripper - Bailey, Asher

    Popular - Caitlyn, Lucas

    winter - June, storm

    Nerdy- Kelsy, Joshua

  • 8 years ago

    RICH/WEALTHY - Dorian, Karl, Victor, Delila, Infinity, & Elise

    DARK/GOTH - Bane, Donovan, Gage, Jezebelle, Arzeil, & Arsenique

    SWEET - Donnie, Cory, Jack, Lillian, Kelly, & Thomasina

    STRIPPERISH - Ryder, John, Gaylord, Candy, Brandy, Piper, & Nastia

    POPULAR - Daniel, Jeffrey, Shane, Giovanni, Nina, Katie, Kaitlyn & Nichole

    WINTER - Jesus, Storm, Rudolf, Eve, Mary, & Bianca

    NERDY - Liam, Andrew, Jamal, Rebecca, Paige, & Amanda

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    RICH/WEALTHY- Peyton, Lucas

    DARK/GOTH- Seraphina, Blake

    SWEET- Lily, Nate

    STRIPPERISH- Nikki, Lance

    POPULAR- Rylee, Matt

    WINTER- Holly, Wynter

    NERDY- Melinda, Peter

    This was fun!

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