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Working in Worester, is Waltham too far to commute?

I am a guy early 20's and single looking for a suitable town to live in. I will be working mainly in Worcester and want to live somewhere good to meet other single young professionals. A place with bars, restaurants, other culture would be great. I would ideally live closest to Boston, however I am worried about the commute. I have heard good things about Waltham. I like Alston, but it might be a longer commute and worse traffic. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    First of all there are about 10 colleges in living in Worcester would make the most sense to meeting people your age. Have you been to the bars on Green Street? It's all college age people all the time.

    But a lot of recent graduates live in Framingham and Natick on rt 9. There are a lot of jobs along rt 9 and it's a good commute to Boston and Worcester so it's popular for young professionals. I wouldn't go all the way to Waltham but that's just me.

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    Waltham is about a 40 minute drive from Worcester

    I live in Worcesrter and have a friend who lives in Waltham, I have made that trip many times

    Waltha is a cool town

    bonus: you will be going against the traffic both ways

    128 will be the only place you wull run into trouble (this could add a half hour to your commute on bad traffic days)

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    Live close to I90, closer to Boston.

    The majority of the commute is towards Boston in the AM, you would be doing the reverse commute so it shouldn't be so bad.

    If you live in Waltham, you will likely have to commute on Rt128, which blows. You will spend as much time going 2 miles on Rt128 in the AM as you will from exit 25 (off Rt128) to Worcester.

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    Allston IS Boston. Your insulting the good people of Worcester with that Waltham talk! I know its a faded old brick city with the worst accents in New England but you may want to give it a try. You might meet some decent alumni from Holy Cross or Worcester Poly Tech.

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    In addition to the prior answers you also have the option of commuting by train, from Wellesley.

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