If Arius was right about the non-divinity of Jesus Christ, why didn't Jehovah's spirit back him up?

Jw claim to believe as did Arius in the 4th century, only 200 years after the last book of the bible was written, that they did not discover this 'truth' until the mid 20th century. Thus, they claim, Jehovah God chose them out of all other religions for believing as did Arius.

What does the historical facts about the divinity of Jesus prove as to their claim?


@Word...first of all you have done what the majority of jw here YA do..ASSUME. I do not believe in the 'trinity doctrine'. I do believe that there is sound basis from the context and specific bible references that Jesus is more than 'a' god, but in fact part of, or out of the same substance of THE God or God the Father. Please get your facts right before condemning the beliefs of others. I always try to draw on my 30 years as a jw, and research any current changes to doctrines, before asserting my feelings about the truth or falsity of such.

Update 2:

@@ Word, hate to tell you but you just communicated with me again. I am a very scary bear, as you can see from my picture, although most children laugh because I do not growl and only stick my tongue out at those who taunt me. Sorry I inspire so much fear in the so-called 'true worshipers' and defenders of the 'truth', I guess we apostates are not worthy of the truth anymore. Somehow I do not remember the bible indicating that 'apostates' are not eligible for repentance. Maybe your NWT says that, eh?

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    If Arius was right in claiming there was a point in time when the pre-mortal Jesus did not exist - that he was created - then the Bible would have made that clear and God's Holy Spirit would have backed him up.

    Since Arius was wrong, then the Holy Spirit could not back him up. Same applies to the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses who have deceived millions of people into thinking Jehovah created the pre-mortal Jesus as Michael, the archangel. It isn't in the Bible.

    Regardless of what views people hold about the Trinity doctrine, nowhere in the Bible does it say the pre-mortal Jesus was created. That is probably the main reason why Jehovah's spirit (that inanimate force of energy) is not at work among the leaders of that organisation and why their claim to be Jehovah's sole chanel of communication is unsubstantiated.

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    There's a significant difference between Arianism and the Christology of Jehovah's Witnesses, although there are also points in which the beliefs are similar.

    Arianism didn't deny the divinity of Christ. However, he described him as a subordinate divinity--and therefore introduced a sort of polytheism. The JWs avoid that, by entirely denying Christ's divinity; instead, they identify him with the archangel Michael.

    Arius did, also, suggest that Christ was created. (At least, he said there was a time when Christ did not exist.) The JWs explicitly describe Christ as the first among created beings.

    Source(s): Conversations with, and writings by, Jehovah's Witnesses. "When Jesus Became God," by Richard E. Rubenstein [about the Arian controversy]
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    His flesh develop right into a barrier that prevented get entry to to the heavenly realm. Jesus’ “flesh” is spoken of at Hebrews 10:20 as being represented with the help of the “curtain” that separated the Holy from the most Holy contained in the tabernacle. earlier he could enter heaven, the genuine “maximum Holy,” Jesus had to offer up his fleshly existence and get carry of spirit nature. His body of flesh could were a barrier to his going previous the “curtain” as a spirit man or woman. question: If Jesus Christ develop into resurrected as a spirit, how can Jehovah's Witnesses say they are going to be resurrected actual? So, what did Jesus propose at the same time as he stated: "damage this temple and in 3 days i visit toughen it up… He develop into speaking about the temple of his body." What temple? What body? “Do you no longer know that you anybody is God’s temple, and that the spirit of God dwells in you? If anybody destroys the temple of God, God will damage him; for the temple of God is holy, which temple you anybody is.”

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    fact is, the gates of hell triumphed over the church of arius, proof that it was not the true belief.

    and if jws resurrect the teaching centuries later, it is still not true.

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    Answer retracted! There will be no communication with an apostate!!!!!!

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    The blind are leading the blind in that religion.

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    The blind are leading the blind in that, and every other religion.

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    Fireball has it.

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