TNA Contract Extension Questions?

BQ-1: Simce Matt Morgan has appeared on Those Auto Insurance Comercials Again, Impact Wrestling in recent weeks and on The Bound For Glory Pay Per View can we safely assume that Matt Morgan must have signed a Contract Extension with TNA?

BQ-2: Since Devon was unmasked as a Member of Aces & Eights can we safely assume that Devon must have signed a Contract Extnsion with TNA?

BQ-3; Does Rob Van Dam winning The X-Division Title last night mean that TNA feels that Rob Van Dam is going to sign a Contract Extension with TNA?

BQ-4: Does Jeff Hardy wiining The TNA World Heavyweight Title mean that TNA feels that Rob Van Dam is going to sign a Contract Extension with TNA?

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    BQ1-I didn't know he was released, or considered leaving.It seemed like Impact Wrestling had big plans for him, last time I saw him involved in a storyline.I'd assume he'd re-sign with Impact Wrestling, because if he went elsewhere(WWE), he'd be used as a "big man" that squashes local, unknown competitors on a weekly basis.Right now, Impact Wrestling offers him more.

    BQ2-Kinda like in WWE when Daniel Bryan choked Justin Roberts with a tie, & was "released" after.Ended up making a surprise return later.Or when CM Punk's contract "ended" & he walked out.Ended up returning a few weeks later.No difference.

    BQ3-If his contract is set to expire, may be a way to reward RVD for his time with the company, before he leaves.Honestly, I hope RVD remains in Impact Wrestling.The Whole F'n Show!!

    BQ4-I'd hope Jeff Hardy would remain in Impact Wrestling, if he wishes to keep wrestling.Honestly, what would modern WWE offer RVD & Jeff Hardy? I'd imagine WWE having them job to Miz & Cody Rhodes, kinda like Christian does.

    Source(s): You can have a serious career in Impact Wrestling & get paid a bit less, or have a mediocre career in WWE, but get paid the big bucks.Impact Wrestling, 24/7, FTW!!!!!
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    BQ1: I would think so, he either left the company and signed a new contract, or he never actually left and the whole thing was a work and part of a really stupid storyline!

    BQ2: Same as the above answer!

    BQ3: If TNA is smart, then yes, we can assume RVD has signed some kind of new contract, but I'm not so sure TNA is smart, wasn't RVD the TNA Champion a few years ago when his contract came up/he worked all his required dates, and TNA had to vacate the title, who knows what TNA is thinking, maybe he got the title opportunity as a way to convince him to stay with the company, we just don't know!

    BQ4: Same as the above answer!

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    I will assume something else and surmise that everybody at Bound for Glory were fighting to keep their job for their new boss.

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