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Is Chemical Engineering getting obsolete?

I am graduating Chemical Engineering soon in 2 years and for some reasons when I try to look at my job prospects. I do not think I will get a job as a Chemical Engineer.

I heard from a chemical engineer who recently took Ph.D that Chemical Engineering is starting to become generalized. It's like having claiming the profession of a scientist. A scientist should either be a biologist, a chemist or a physicist.

It was said that there are no more Chemical Engineering degree in other developed countries.

They already offer degrees in Biological Engineering, Materials Engineering, Chemical System Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Mining Engineering and others that were supposed to be for Chemical Engineers before.

In short, the profession of Chemical Engineering is said to be getting obsolete.

I do not see that much job offers in the internet about Chemical Engineers.

I think I may as well take a specialization whenever but our curriculum is not specialized.

So I have a question,

1.) Is the profession of Chemical Engineering getting obsolete?

2.) Is there a high demand for fresh graduates of Chemical Engineering?

3.) I want to work at US or Japan when I graduate. How can it be and will it be easy?


I am from the Philippines BTW.

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