What does it mean if you dream of yourself with a different parent?

When I was really young (I'd say 3-7) I would have dreams that my mom wasn't my mom. There was another woman who was my mom. She didn't act weird and they weren't weird dreams it would just be like she was taking me to McDonalds or something. And it was always the same woman and it was never my real mom. And nobody in any of the dreams said anything about her not being my real mom. They stopped after a while but is that weird? My mom has never been mean or abusive so why would I as a little kid dream that I had a different mom?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ricky = your dream has so many possible explination u might need to do some research on your own as to what could be the truth of the reason.

    1. sounds like maybe u might have had a different mom & u were adopted/ so look for the documents that says u are theirs Valid Birth certificate/ document or records @ the hospital. or

    2. maybe u were stolen as a child & raised as their own. Again look for proof & verify them.

    3. If u can rule out the above for certain by using a DNA testing. Then the other possibility exists =

    3. as some believe u could be experiencing a past life & if u can record any details to be able to research then that might give u some answers.

    4. or maybe someone who took care of u when u were younger?

    So all things are in the details this seems like an interesting puzzle to work out. Have some Good searching for answers.

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