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Since when did "cute" become more important than temperament, stability and ability?

Seriously, where is the actual turning point? Just looking at some "designer dog" puppy posted on Facebook, "like" if you think it's cute. Everyone, bar a few with brain cells, said "ah cute! Where can i get one!!" With no idea of even what the hell it is!

When did "cuteness" become the most important factor? When did these "dogs" (if you can call them that) come on the scene? And who's idea was it!? Was there some sort of reason at the beginning? Or not?


Oh, this is the mutt in question, just in case you were wondering

Update 2:

Oppiolmum, that dog reminds me of a ginger biscuit

Update 3:

I agree people can indeed be idiots!

Update 4:

Ernie, good answer. But PLEASE don't tell me they're not going away...i try to be optimistic!! lol

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    It's important to like how your dog looks. You'll not be fully satisfied with it if you can't stand to look at it. But there's a line you shouldn't cross.

    Quite a few lines.

    You might like how American Pit Bull Terriers look, but are after a dog that would play well with stranger dogs in the park. Getting a APBT with the intent of trying to train out it's genetic traits (which, I'm pretty sure, are being bred out of it slowly) to be the dog you want is irresponsible and an accident waiting to happen. Just like getting a Jack Russell Terrier because you like how it looks, but expecting it to live happily with Guinea Pigs, or getting a Doberman because of how it looks and expecting it to be welcoming adn outwardly friendly to all strangers.

    And then there's the line that covers health vs. looks. You like the look of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but you know for a fact that there is Syringomyelia in the dogs line. You get the dog anyway, listening to the bullsh*tting breeder who insists her dogs aren't affected like everyone elses, just because it's cute.

    Or you see the German Shepherds at Crufts, standing so 'nicely' with their sloped, roach-backs and decide to get one because it looks nice, without taking into account the hip problems and the rear-leg weakness the dog can experience because of it's deformed, warped spine.

    I can't understand why people have such a hard time walking away from a dog they find cute that has a health record/temperament that wouldn't fit in with your wants. Simply say no, and find a different dog, of a different breed, or from a different breeder, with a more suiting temperament, or a more suiting health record.

    We all need to remember that one of the most, if not *the most*, respected show sports out there focuses solely on looks and shoves health and temperament to the side. So long as the dog stands still and lets the judge prod at it, it doesn't even need to lift it's hind legs off the floor properly (going back to the roach back German Shepherd again) in order to qualify and be branded as breeding quality, given a Champion Title and then set out to create more puppies with a similar standard.

    I find absolutely NO quality in dogs that champion in conformation. I want my dog to be able to walk comfortably and be able to do the job it was bred for. I want it to be healthy. If that means I go to the breeder that breeds for pet quality rather than the breeder with dogs with slanted backs but Champion titles (despite the fact there's no way in the world the dog would be able to scale a fence or have enough leg power to keep itself rooted to the ground while bringing down a criminal, or have enough agility to herd livestock) then so be it. I'll go for the healthy dogs rather than the wealthy dogs.

    To actually answer your question, "cute" came before health and happiness whenever it was Paris Hilton got her first handbag dog.

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  • 7 years ago

    I think the same thing, my friend the other day said he was going to pick up his blue staff from the rescue centre and it is 'soo cute' and I had tried to explain that blue colouring will generally mean your dog has been bred for the colour and not for temperament, its annoying because he will probably take it home and then within a couple of weeks want to take it back because its excitable and or people/dog aggressive. People just don't seem to care any more as long as the dog looks good its all that matters to most people!

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  • 7 years ago

    Oh...I think cute has always been popular when it comes to pets. That's why we have breeds like the Maltese.

    In some cultures the majority of people can't afford to have pets, so there are more dogs who serve a function other than being cute. We have more disposable income.

    I do think the puppy in the picture is very cute, but you couldn't pay me enough to take on a puppy. :o)

    I was sitting with the shelter dogs yesterday, with a little Boston Terrier puppy who had been tossed into the weeds to die because she needed veterinary care, and her owners apparently did not wish to provide it. She was adorable, but I didn't take her home.

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  • 7 years ago

    The idea of "designer dogs" arose in the 1970's in Australia when a man who was breeding dogs to be used for assistance and guide dogs for the blind was trying to come up with a solution for people who were allergic to the normal fur in Labradors and Golden Retrievers. Some of the clients in the programs were allergic and couldn't or had trouble handling the animals. Thus, he tried for mixing poodles with Labs and Goldens and named them "Goldendoodles" or "Labradoodles". He has since confessed he wished he hadn't because he feels it contributed to the unhealthy and irresponsible boom of "designer breeds" Which of course, most people with enough knowledge and common sense know there's no such thing as designer breeds...they're just mutts like they have been for centuries. That doesn't mean a mutt is any less important...but to treat animals as a cash-cow or profit machine, just makes a person extremely greedy, selfish, and/or ignorant.

    People have *always* viewed dogs in more of a "cute" light, than their purpose. We've *all* been guilty of such at some point or another. I'm a lover of all animals, and I tend to make an obsessive habit over animal facts, documentaries and still do the "ooh", "ahh" and "aww" routine. However, would you see me going up to a wild animal and try to pet it? Hell no, I know my place when I'm in their territory and I sure as hell don't think I could handle having a Grizzly Bear just because they look like large teddies as cubs!

    A tiger on the other hand...that's my dream pet one day. Lol.

    Basically, I don't think the designer dog craze is ever going away now...there's even groups to try and have Labradoodles and Goldendoodles a "recognized" breed where I those glorious things called puppy mills (sarcasm on the "glorious" part...those people are scum). There's always going to be greedy people who wish to exploit animals for profit and not for the genuine love and care for them. It's human nature for us to be douchebags for entertainment.

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  • 7 years ago

    Your totally right! It is a very cute dog, but is that really why someone would want one? They don't even know anything about the breed, I think its so silly how people dress their dogs up in little costumes. Coats desgined for dogs are good, dogs like greyhouds have thin skin and are a risk from getting a chill if its raining. But people are just dressing little dogs up like they're dolls, and thinking the dog will gladly accept.

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  • 7 years ago

    recall the craze for shar pei? terminally cute pups: grown dogs look like a walrus (acquired taste defiantly)

    you have the pup for 11 months or less: the adult 11 yr or more

    but maybe that's why I have whippets that loose the cute by 3 months

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  • 7 years ago

    Well obviously you are very aware of my feelings on it when I posted my comments to the picture originally against a TIDAL WAVE of ' awwwww how cute ' posts.


    Talk about people seeing just what they want to see and not bothering to research at all.

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  • CDog
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    7 years ago

    That dog looks like a little freak to me.

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  • 7 years ago

    When dogs became more like play things and accessories then the loyal, amazing creatures that they truly are.

    Source(s): old balanced trainer
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  • 7 years ago

    about 3 weeks ago

    haha that thing is more scary than cute...looks like an acid trip

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