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Where did Felix Baumgartner land?

Does anybody know? If you can, give me the link to watch his freefall.

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    • He landed 68.865 km (42.79 mi) east of Roswell Airport near 33.350785,-103.793256 on the Llano Estacado, near some small playa lakes, 3.7 km (2.3 mi) east of the Mescalero Escarpment.

    • He jumped when his vehicle was at 33.3400, -103.7769.

    • The vertical distance between his leap and landing was 37.685 km (23.4 mi).

    • The horizontal distance between his leap and landing was only 1.936 km (1.2 mi).

    • It was stated at the following press conference that the vehicle landed "55 miles northeast of Felix" but a more precise location was not given.

    • Jump map: http://maps.google.ie/maps?q=loc:33.3400,-103.7769...

    • Landing map: http://maps.google.ie/maps?q=loc:33.350785,-103.79...

    • Jump video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xubxtf_felix-baum...

    [The figure of 23 miles travelled from his starting point at Roswell cited from The Guardian, below, is incorrect. He jumped from a height of 23.4 miles.]

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    Felix Baumgartner Landing

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    Possible Felix Baumgartner The Stratos Project Red Bull Landing Zones


    33°21'17.94"N 103°48'18.29"W


    33°19'38.64"N 103°45'12.96"W


    33°20'24.00"N 103°46'49.08"W

    Take Off:

    33°18'39.24"N 104°32'21.12"W

    I can't find any official data yet.

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    I am 100% positive this is the exact area (not landing spot, but within a very close distance) that Felix landed. If you watch the landing video you can see the group of roads just before he touches down. Also they are talking about the ridge and that is very close to this area.

    Google maps coordinates: 33.354982,-103.80508

    Felix you are a beast! Live long my friend.

    Source(s): Watched the entire event and they have even said he landed to the west of Roswell. this is the only set of roads anywhere near that look like that. Also you can see the 3 large circles of dirt or rock when he steps off of the capsule. He lands just below them (which is in the east direction).
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    After looking at some pictures from when they picked him up in the helicopter and using some of my chart reading skills as a pilot, I've narrowed it down to somewhere about 3 miles south of the Hwy 380 / 172 junction east of roswell. Probably anywhere a mile to mile and a half on either side of Hwy 172 in either Chaves County or just inside Lea County.

    Source(s): Skyvector.com, Mapquest.com, Redbullstratos.com
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    I used Google Earth to pinpoint landmarks and objects seen in the launch/landing videos. The launch point was easy. The landing point seems to be a few hundred feet northwest of the intersection of a dirt road and Tower Road.

    Launch: 33.311655,-104.539194

    Landing: 33.357768,-103.784597

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    He landed exactly where I guessed, in the desert East of Roswell, so I guess I win the Zenith watch, Lucky me!!.......

    Here's the video, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/9608140/F...

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    The moon touchdown replace into no longer faked. BTW, there have been six manned moon landings. Why difficulty to pretend that six cases? in case you do no longer want to have faith NASA, have faith the Russians. there replace into plenty at stake back in 1969--the area race replace right into a great portion of the chilly conflict. you do no longer think of the U.S. had spies at NASA? you do no longer think of they might have enjoyed to tutor the touchdown replace into faked? They could no longer. i do no longer understand plenty approximately Baumgartner yet there's no reason to think of that did no longer truly take place. (LOL, the NASA video "seems very pretend, in case you question me." no person asked you, and that i doubt you're an authority in verifying archival video photos.)

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    He landed east of Roswell, NM. He departed from the Roswell Airport

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    LOL Sam

    Without using your co-ords and using the footage as a glider pilot myself I placed it 300m off yours.

    Mine are:



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