Two guys like me but I don't know what to do?

I like them both. Me and guy A have known each other for the majority of our lives and have been talking for a year about going out. He's amazing and nice and I can be weird and fun with him but I'm not very attracted to him. I never get erections from him. Mostly because he's black and I'm not racist I'm just not very attracted to black people like that. He definitely isn't ugly though. But now guy B has come in and I like him more sexually but I don't know him as well. I'm more awkward with him but I assume it'll pass. I've kissed them both but I enjoyed it more with guy B. and he compliments me more and seems to be chasing after me more which has never happened before. Guy A is clearly upset about this and has been trying harder too. Everybody already kind of sees me and guy A as a couple and expects us to fall in love and get married one day. But then there's the problem that my parents don't want me with any black people...huge problem. I'm really confused. And I don't want to hurt anybody especially guy A. He told my best friend the other day that he has strong feelings for me and it's kind of making me feel bad that I'm even thinking about this other guy. And I do care a lot about guy A but for a long time he's been the only option so now with someone I'm more attracted to (and honestly a lot more in common) I'm kind of confused about who I like. Can someone help me? How can I figure out who to try to be with?

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    8 years ago
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    i think you are being a player how are you going to be talking to 2 differnt people at the same time and kiss them both. if i was Guy A or B, i would stop trying to get with you because that just shady and decitful. but to answer your question i feel like you should try to get to know Guy B and see if yall have same personaltiy or a connection. you cant have a realtionship base soley on physically attraction.if Guy B personaltiy is lackin or you dont like guy B personatity i would go with Guy A since yall have chemistry and know him good. besides his skin color is only part of him. your making your self sound shallow...

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  • 8 years ago

    It sounds like you've got a lot of past with guy A and you seem more like best friends as you wouldn't be talking about getting together you would be together by now! If you really liked guy A you would overcome the looks and just go for him. Guy B sounds like a good choice for you as you can get to know each other in a relationship way instead of a friends way. Before you start to date guy B though explain things to Guy A first as you being with guy B could ruin a very good and long friendship and you should never choose a relationship over your longest closest friends for anyone! Oh and also don't be with someone for others expectations! Follow your head and heart no-one else's! Hope I helped :)

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    8 years ago

    Whoever you feel is best... I would suggest though, don't let your parents dictate who or what you want to marry, it's a choice between you and your heart. Good day :)

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